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  1. Karlski

    Walking sprite a few pixels too low

    Hi there gang, I have a strange problem which I can't seem to get rid of. While using the Character Generator and creating new sprites, when exporting walking animations, the sprite is end up a few pixels lower down that the 'normal' amount. As you can see below, the witch in front is...
  2. Karlski

    Yanflys Victory Aftermath

    Hi guys, Yanflys victory aftermath plugin is wonderful. I'm wondering if there's a way to have a window to display the Item Description on the battle loot screen? I couldn't see a way to configure one earlier on today. Any help is appreciated :) thank you
  3. Karlski

    Pokémon style ledge jumps

    Hi guys n gals, I am trying to make some ledge jumps, pretty much exactly the same mechanics as Pokémon, and so far it works OK, but i'm having trouble with the corner squares. Here is my current setup My problem is that say I jump left off of Region ID 1 (Ledge Jump SW) by pressing the...
  4. Karlski

    Map making question

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if by having a massive world/town map like Pokémon, my game would lag or something similar. Is it advisable to have many smaller maps, or has someone made something as large as Pokémon with no problems at all? Thanks in advance for any answers Cheers
  5. Karlski

    How to skip Title Screen on Playtest

    Hey guys,  Is there any way to skip/remove the Intro/Title screen when Playtesting the game? I could really do with bypassing selecting New Game every time. Many thanks,

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