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  1. [Request]Oblivion Wait and Time System Plugin

    i'm using mog time system is similar to Elders scroll without time window you can use an event example a bed when you push ok,you can choose if you want sleep 1 or 2 or 3 hours or month week etc
  2. KISS Faction System

    how to add this in to Main menu manager yanfly?
  3. Simple Bombs: How to make Explodable Objects

    thank you i need that!.
  4. Death Sounds

    it working for me thank you
  5. How to get an event to damage player on contact?

    please can you up load a photo? of variables
  6. Actors Friendship System

    Please help i can´t do it to work
  7. Orange Overlay

    Hi one question how to remove layer light with comand or call? i don´t no how to do it,i'm using mog time system when is dark you can see the sun beam it´s a pain in the neck thank you.
  8. Galv's Layer Graphics (fogs, parallaxes, mapping)

    Thank you galv! it´s working with 1.6.1
  9. Orange Overlay v1.1.4 + Animated Parallax Add-On (Updated 7Jul17)

    the organiced folder with plugyn animate fog not working,
  10. Orange Overlay v1.1.4 + Animated Parallax Add-On (Updated 7Jul17)

    can you show me the line to change?
  11. Orange Overlay

    i dont understan how to use two diferent paralax layer or only you can use one?
  12. [Tool] YEP_ActSeq Assistant

    link not full version?
  13. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    god job,if you have time can you make a demo?I think this script have everything i wanted thankyou. :)
  14. Animated Enemies

    Hello one question  i have a problem when i set the sprite always look to the left thak you.

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