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  1. Animate moving birds

    Hello guys I'm having a problem in which I dont know how to create birds that fly from one end to another? I have seen others use this but I dont really know how to or what to do.
  2. NPC wont stop moving after event route finished.

    Hello everyone I am currently having a problem with my NPC that I would like to move to a certain place then stop and not move again. How can I do this? Thanks!
  3. Instant enemy death on second enemy

    I'm so sorry Andar, Im quite new to this system so I didnt quite know what I was doing, anyway, I have fixed the problem some way, Thanks you for your time and support.
  4. Instant enemy death on second enemy

    Hi everyone, I'm currently having an issue on RPG Maker VX Axe. When I start a 'battle test' in the database everything goes successfully. when I'm battling the first enemy who has 100 HP, dies normally by being hit twice, once with 89 HP then again with 88 HP. BUT, the second enemy which...

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Its been almost 6 months since i've been here last and 5 years before that. the worst part is losing the game you were working on in a cpu fire.

Well time to go at it again.
my game is coming together im so happy
In this day and age, i might switch back to RMXP. I’ve lost faith in all the new plugins.
Wow it's been forever since I last logged in! I STILL want to make a game... I'll start it one day for sure!! It's a dream of mine.
This days I couldn't do anything... My mind is so confused and I couldn't work at all, I only wanted to play video games with my friends and that made all my projects delay a lot. Someone else feels this kind of thing sometimes? :/

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