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  1. Collision Detection at Half Tile?

    Having some more trouble with the collision of rpg maker. I realize when moving events move they check the boundaries of the sprite(box) at the same time as moving into the next tile. Is there a way to check and run events at the middle of the tile/event and not the edge?
  2. Event/Player Collision Detection

    In testing I have a solution to this problem by doing two more conditional checks. IF  $gamePlayer.isMoving()   IF  $gamePlayer.x == $gameMap.event(this._eventId).x && $gamePlayer.y -1 == $gameMap.event(this._eventId).y && $gamePlayer.direction() == 2   IF  $gamePlayer.x ==...
  3. Check Event Direction(facing) in Conditional Branch

    Wrong topic. But this put me in a path to fix a problem in MV.
  4. Event/Player Collision Detection

    Been trying to recreate a project made with VXAce in MV and I noticed some problems while testing the collision detection with moving events. I'm using events that are set to a route and kill the player when the event touches the player, or the player moves into the event. Problem is when...
  5. Player + Event Passable Glitch (NEED HELP)

    I am running into a critical error in my game that I have just noticed. I am still determining if this is due to any scripts or modifications to the core, which has been very minimal. Glitch: I have a event that walking towards the player with the options: Though, Above Characters, and a...

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Its been almost 6 months since i've been here last and 5 years before that. the worst part is losing the game you were working on in a cpu fire.

Well time to go at it again.
my game is coming together im so happy
In this day and age, i might switch back to RMXP. I’ve lost faith in all the new plugins.
Wow it's been forever since I last logged in! I STILL want to make a game... I'll start it one day for sure!! It's a dream of mine.
This days I couldn't do anything... My mind is so confused and I couldn't work at all, I only wanted to play video games with my friends and that made all my projects delay a lot. Someone else feels this kind of thing sometimes? :/

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