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  1. GSR

    Breath of Fire Skill Combo

    In Breath of Fire when you combine skills you cast a stronger skill. For example when you use "Burn" with an actor and then use "Sever" with another actor, instead of the "Sever" the last actor will cast "Firewind". Its a cool system and I believe that does not exist one like this at the...
  2. GSR

    Last Skill Used ID

    Is there a way to call the last skill used ID? I want to change a variable value to the last skill used ID. That way I will be able to make combo skills like in Breath of Fire IV, where you use a skill with one actor then another skill with other actor and then the skills combine to make a...
  3. GSR

    Rune Skills (Skill System)

    @mjshi Can you change your plugin to be able to put an icon on the choice list text? Just to be more dinamic Or just alow to do some like this: \i[27]Add, \i[2]Execute %sMP, \[23]Clear All, \i[0]Cancel  Thanks, by the way I am from Brazil, do you speak portuguese also? 
  4. GSR

    GSR Resources

    Update: 05/09/2016 New icons and new tiles!
  5. GSR

    GSR Resources

    Hello. TERMS OF USE: free for both Non-Commercial and Commercial Use. CREDIT:  Gabriel dos Santos Rosa (GSR) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ICONS: I made some icons with the same style of the...

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