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  1. Main Character Won't Move

    I know there are a billion topics for this.  I tried reading every single one to figure out why my main character can't move before I posted this. I have painstakingly changed every single tile on my map to allow movement.  (Every tile has circles) And, I only have one Event on this entire map...
  2. How to Create a New Event Page in the Middle of an Event.

    Basically, I want my npc s to say something different everytime you talk to them.  I'm trying to create an easy way to do it, because I'll do it over and over again.  (Common Event).  The easiest way I can think to do that is to have the common event make a new event page.  Is there a way to do...

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It turns out that if I set the collider to 0,0,0,0 before despawning an event.... QMovement will actually play nice with Galv Event Spawner! :LZSexcite:

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