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  1. Pots Talos

    Script call for Troop Index

    How do I check an enemies troop index number? Like if I was making something like this: if $gameTroop.members()[1] else if $gameTroop.members()[2] else if $gameTroop.members()[3] end I want the enemy to act a certain way in battle based on which enemy index number it is.
  2. Pots Talos

    RMMV The Great Gaias

    Horizon's End has been developing The Great Gaias for roughly seven years and will initially be available on PC at launch in June 2018. The game combines the classic party system of a story-driven RPG with original puzzles, art, and music. A mysterious contract from the royal family sparks the...
  3. Pots Talos

    Trailer feedback

    I just finished putting together a trailer for my upcoming game "The Great Gaias" and I'm looking for some feedback. I've been working on the game for years now and I'm planning to release it in June. I'm trying to get everything perfect, so I'd really like to know what everyone thinks. Thanks!
  4. Pots Talos

    Converting miss into Evade

    Is there anyway to do this? I'd like misses to never occur so it always ends up being an "evade" if a miss was calculated. I'm using Yanyfly's HitAccuracy plugin which seems to never let my characters evade anyway and just turns all evades into misses. I didn't see anything inside that plugin to...
  5. Pots Talos

    Dead/Sleep and Victory Sideview

    Is it possible to have the dead, sleep and victory actor frames to only play once? I know that editing the rpg_sprite.js file and turning the loop motion to false will have it play once but I'd like it to stay on the final frame. So if an actor is killed he will collapse and stay laying on the...
  6. Pots Talos

    Animation screen

    Is there a way to change the size of the Animation screen? I'm not talking about the visibility (which would also be nice) but having the x, y coordinates actually take into account my in-game screen resolution. As an example if I start an animation at (408,-48) that is the furthest point on...
  7. Pots Talos

    Crash while scrolling through database

    I first noticed this issue while working on my Surface Pro, since the tablet is weak it would crash after scrolling through 5-10 animations. Wanting to see if it would still crash on a modern powerful machine I tried again at home and made a video. While it took much longer to crash on my...
  8. Pots Talos

    Remove State by Damage Amount

    I'm using Yanflys BuffsStatesCore and want to make a State be removed by a specific amount of damage. So if my actor takes 500 points of damage than state drops off. This is what I was trying out in the state note box with no luck: <Custom Respond Effect> user.hp - 500; </Custom Respond Effect>...
  9. Pots Talos

    Animation Wash

    I've been getting some custom animation work done and it looks amazing outside the game, but in game it looks washed out. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Washed out animation link

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