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  1. RMMV Plugin for Changing Character "Size", or rather, Character Scale

    Hey, guys. Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks a lot for the help!
  2. RMMV Plugin for Changing Character "Size", or rather, Character Scale

    Hello there, I'm a newbie in the community. At the moment, I'm currently drawing custom sprites for my game. Due to a specific concept I have in mind, sprites are going to be rather important in my game, so I need to give them some detail and to make size differences between characters of...

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Is there anyone need help with anything except art and music?
is Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc. = KADOKAWA CORPORATION? I haven't found this topic yet, Want to know for credits on my game. Thanks.
If you get everything you want, when you want it, it kills your creativity. If you never get anything you want, you're forced to be creative with what you have.
Old chiptune loops free for use.
I think I've got my hero designs pretty much finialised ( still got some tweaks. ) In the end it'll be the four outfit colour variants with four different skintones.

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