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  1. Better way to maintain opacity on enemy when targeted (YEP action sequence/buffstate related)?

    So, this is one that's been bothering me for a bit, I have a sorta-solution that messes up other things. I have a stealth state for allies and enemies that tweaks their opacity and makes them really hard to hit. I do this with the following notetag on the state: <Custom Apply Effect>...
  2. Modern Perfume/Jewelry Store Tiles

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: Modern MV RTP Description: Department store jewelry/perfume (leaning toward perfume) section tiles I've got all sorts of stuff for a clothing store, but I'm more looking for specifically the perfume and stuff in glass display cases. I've been...
  3. Crater/Crashsite tiles

    Style: RTP Maker: MV I have a bit that I'm working on in my game where a very small satellite crashes out of the sky, and I kinda need a good crater resource. Also kinda would like the satellite, but I've got something put together that's so-so. I thought that that would be a resource that...
  4. Does a Persona 3-5 day cycle calendar plug-in exist?

    So, my game has a persona 3-5 day cycle where doing an event advances time, but it doesn't advance otherwise. Two free time slots per day kinda deal. I signal the time of day by a tint shift between morning and afternoon (The tint only changes when you're outside, inside tint remains the same...
  5. Light Encryption for RPG Maker MV?

    Were it up to me I'd post my game without any encryption. It's not hard to get around encryption and the very very few people who would want to, have the means to do so online. However, the terms of service of some (or all) paid dlc requires encryption. So, from what I understand, the options...
  6. Making an enemy attack a marked target?

    So, I had an idea to put a boss in my game who's a sniper guarded by some tanky guarding allies. Most of my boss fight needs have been more or less within the scope of the basic RPG maker mv, but I've been wanting to make bosses that target specific actors under specific conditions. So, let's...
  7. Having someone else edit DLC resources?

    I know you're not supposed to share DLC resources, but you are allowed to edit them. I was wondering if there are terms against having someone edit DLC resources for your personal private use? Like, say someone editing some of the heroine character generator parts to have the face graphics match...
  8. Destroyed Rope Bridge

    Not 100% sure this doesn't exist, but I have searched around a decent amount and haven't found it. I'm looking for a destroyed rope bridge, like one that's been cut to cut off an escape route over a gorge or something of the sort. Bonus points if there's both a cut and uncut version. It's for...
  9. Plug-in to get word-count

    This is something that I find slightly frustrating about RPG maker mv. If you want to figure out the word-count of your game, or the word count of what you've added, you have to have typed out everything in a word doc beforehand. It's not something absolutely vital, but keeping track of project...
  10. Actor bust images only in status menu screen

    So, I've been trying to figure out how I'd go about adding bust images for each actor in a party to my status menu while keeping the normal face images for the main menu. Basically, the main menu will have the thumbnail faces, but the player can see the full body picture of an actor if they go...
  11. Save modification plug-in

    Yo. Just looking for a way, where-upon the game starts up, for a game to check if save files have, as an example, the following bit of verbage in it(Not verbatim, just the "characterCreations" bit): "characterCreations": { "_data": { "@c": 394, "@a": [] }, "_dataDd"...
  12. Problems with the interaction of SRD_GameUpgrade and SRD_Super_Tools_Engine

    First, to quote myself from a similarly titled thread: Since I made the above post I've found a few more details. First: There's an additional issue: When I deploy a game with both(having just one works fine) these plug-ins on and try to launch I immediate get the following game-breaking...
  13. SRD_Super_Tools_engine & closing Playtest

    While this thread is open I figure I may as well piggy back on it. I'm not having a game stopping error, persay but... Well I posted this in the srd character creator thread: So... Got a unique problem with the character creator plug-in. Well, more specifically super engine tools and game...

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