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  1. RMMV .Hack Style "Characters Play an MMO Together" Style Game

    This is not likely to be the first project I work on or anything because it's a bit complex, but I thought I'd toss this out there anyway. Basically, I had an idea for a game where all the characters are modern day teens and young adults playing an mmo together. The main character is new to the...
  2. Battle Animations For Character Poses

    Someone on Deviantart claimed it was possible to use battle animations for character poses as a way to by pass the size and frame limits for battle characters in 2k3, but it was an old comment and when I tried to ask how, I didn't get an answer. Does anyone know if this works and can you explain...
  3. Weird Issue with Victor's Followers Control

    So, I decided to use Victor Engine's Followers Control for my game, and there's an issue with the opening cutscene that didn't start until I installed it. So the cutscene has the two initial party members talking and then walking off and leaving the map for a different map before the player...
  4. Some Touhou Project Requests For VXAce

    So I was going to make a Touhou fangame, and I have most of the stuff I need for it, but there are a few things I could use. >>; This is probably going to be a bit much, but here goes. So I need Attack animations for the girls attacks. Primarily I'm using Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Sanae and Youmu...

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Is there anyone need help with anything except art and music?
is Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc. = KADOKAWA CORPORATION? I haven't found this topic yet, Want to know for credits on my game. Thanks.
If you get everything you want, when you want it, it kills your creativity. If you never get anything you want, you're forced to be creative with what you have.
Old chiptune loops free for use.
I think I've got my hero designs pretty much finialised ( still got some tweaks. ) In the end it'll be the four outfit colour variants with four different skintones.

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