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  1. Gregaur

    How Can I play with the accuracy of a skill ?

    Hello guys ! I want to change the chance to touch for a skill (arrow raining) according to the number of monster on the battlefield. Something like : Chance to touch = Chance to touch * Number of monster / 8 I am using all the main yanfly plugin if needed :). Thank you very much and take care !
  2. Gregaur

    DreamX Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes - Extended

    Hello everyone, I know this an old plugin, but it still sooooo useful. Here it is : That's a bit sad that DreamX is not on the forum anymore. Anyway I still have a problem with it (actually a few). The...
  3. Gregaur

    YEP_ExtraEnemyDrops - OR

    Hello maker ! I have a question for you. Is it possible with this plugin to come with an OR system ? I have a boss, and I want my player to loot one of 3 weapons (1, 2, 3 for exemple). I want to be sure he will drop one, and only one of...
  4. Gregaur

    Shield as a Weapon

    Hello everyone, For my game player can change weapon in combat. I use the plugin you can find in the original plugin list (or something like this). I can't use the Yanfly plugin cause it is not compatible with my BattleHUD. It almost work nicely but I have a problem. I have a one handed/two...
  5. Gregaur

    Windowed mode problem

    Hi everyone. I have a strange issue with my main project and I don't know what to do. When I start the test mode (F5) on my main project, the top of the window doesn't appear. It may sound like a small issue, but without the top of this windows, I can't move it, I can't rescale it or change the...
  6. Gregaur

    Add an element to a state's damage

    Hi Makers ! I'am using this state in my game thanks to Yanfly : To be quick, this state deals damage to the target when it receive an physical attack. It works fine but I would like to add something more. I want this...
  7. Gregaur

    Elemental Attack check

    Hi everyone ! I try to modify an old plugin for myself, but can't really code... You can find it here : It's an plugin that change the popup system. Even if it is great There is one feature I wish to implement ...
  8. Gregaur

    ChangeWeaponOnBattle - Pass your turn

    Hi Makers ! As you may not know, you get a plugin with your RMMV copy : ChangeWeaponOnBAttle @Author Sasuke KANNAZUKI. It do what it say, giving you the ability to change your weapon during the battle. My problem is, changing weapon doesn't consume turn. making it less strategic acording to...
  9. Gregaur

    SRD_Summon core - Change Max Summon in game

    Hi everyone ! I'm using the Summon core from Some Random Dude : One of the plugin's parameters is the maximum number of summon you can get in a same time on the battle field. My question is : Is it possible, thanks to a commun event to change the maximum of...
  10. Gregaur

    Specific Actor disable to use item

    Hello everyone! So here is my situation. In my game, actors can learn skill thanks to books. Books are items that you consume to teach a skill to an actor. So far it’s easy. But, for the story purpose, one of my character can’t read (actor 5). So I don’t want this character to be able to use...
  11. Gregaur

    Tinted battleback - Yanfly Action Sequence compatibility

    Hello everyone! I was wondering how hard it would be to create a new command for the Yanfly action sequence. The purpose would be to be able to not tint everything during the action sequence. Here are some of the option I imagine: Only tint the battleback : All the enemies, allies and...
  12. Gregaur

    Zoom & Camera for skills

    Hi everyone ! I have a question for you. I have some nice Zoom and Camera movement for some of my skills. but I want theim to have a 20% Chance to be activate. So 80% of the time the camera doesn't move and 20% of the time the camera will make some action. So I imagine something like a dice or...
  13. Gregaur

    Equipment set & Battle command

    Hello everyone, I have a question for the all of you. Is there a “equipment set” plugin somewhere ? Because it maybe not very clear, I will explain my needs. :hwink: I would like my character to be able to switch during a fight between 2 equipement sets (this system is present in Guild Wars...
  14. Gregaur

    Random Black Screen

    Hello everyone ! I have an issue when I’m testing my game. Duringthe test, the game randomly turn into a blackscreen . Sometime in can play an hour without anyproblems and the next session it turn black after a minute. After that I have to turn off the test, that’sthe only solution I have so...
  15. Gregaur

    Item Requirement

    Hi everyone ! I may have a request, but maybe a pluggin already exist ! Here is my situations : 1 - My characters can read books to learn some skills. But one of them can’t read (Actually his gameplay is very different from the other, so I don’t want him to be able to use books) So I would...
  16. Gregaur

    YEP.136 – Item Requirements

    Hi there ! I have a problem with this pluggin. I want my actor number 5 not to be able to use an item (he can't read and it's a book). I had in the object <Enable Requirements> Not Actor: 5 </Enable Requirements> but he still can use it like the other actors (in the menu not in battle)...
  17. Gregaur

    [Solved] Database/Ingame - Different naming

    Hi makers ! Here is my "issue" : In my data base, to facilitate my database reading, I use some not-Lorefriendly name in my game for skills, items, weapons etc... : Sword 5, Sword 10, Sword 15,... Dagger 5, Dagger 10, Dagger 15,... Heavy Armor 5, Heavy Armor 10, ... Fire 1, Fire 2, Fire 3...
  18. Gregaur

    Shop Item Stocks

    Hi everyone ! Would it be possible to create a pluggin to limit the number of item a shop could sell ? Would it be hard to do ? Maybe with pluggin command to Refresh shops (meaning refill all the item). I don't How it would work. Do we palce a limite on the item notepad or something. That...
  19. Gregaur

    Yanfly Row Formation – Saving Row before a combat

    Hello makers ! Here is my situation. I use the Yanfly row formation plugin in my game. Row are very important. Some enemies have the ability to change my actors row during a fight. At the end of the fight, If my actors moved during the combat, they keep their position. So in a Donjon, the play...
  20. Gregaur

    Yep_WeaponUnleash - DualWield Check

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a solution with this code. I'm using the Yep_WeaponUnleash plugin from Yanfly and I'd like to have 2 different animations according to the number of weapons equipped by the actor. So for that, I need to know how to check it :) for now my Notetag looks like this ...

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