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  1. Temporary Switch States

    In my game I have a scene where the players are running from a guard. If the guard catches them, it triggers a fight. That event is working fine, but I want to set it so that when the battle ends, the guard collapses. I want to set it up so that the guard will stay down until the player leaves...
  2. Event progressing on user input

    Is there a way to have an event progress when the user clicks the mouse? In my project I am using pictures, and I would like the picture to be displayed indefinitely, until the user clicks the mouse, or presses the action button. Then it should move on to the next picture. Is tis possible? I...
  3. Calling up Id numbers of enemies and items

    I'm trying to create a capture system like pokemon, but I'm having a little trouble. My aim is to use a skill to run a common event. I've set it so that each enemy has a corresponding "shard item" for itself. What I want to do is get the event to look up the ID number of the monster it is used...

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