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    Post Your Music

    Lately Ive been working on a small LP consisting of Drone, Ambient Rock, and other genres I think sound cool I guess Heres one of the track I made for it, only one Im gonna upload for now
  2. .Gage

    Random Art Thread

    Lately Ive been working on a lot of fractal and glitch art
  3. .Gage

    Your Favorite VST Plugins

    Kontakt with 8dio patches are super nice for anything you're doing, Addictive Drums 2 is beyond the best drum package in the world, Massive is really good for some sound design type stuff I like doing, Lazysnake is great for rhode pianos, I use Rovee for pitch shifting, really helps for monster...
  4. .Gage

    sick rip me ded im ded frick

    sick rip me ded im ded frick
  5. .Gage

    Random Art Thread

    Self portrait I did about a year ago
  6. .Gage

    Post Your Music I got to make a remix for my friends EP, been getting a lot of popularity from it too
  7. .Gage

    art to be drawn, code to be written, levels to design and games to be developed

    art to be drawn, code to be written, levels to design and games to be developed
  8. .Gage

    Post Your Music

    ProjectTrinity those sound super nice, some of them remind me of the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack which I absolutely love
  9. .Gage

    Post Your Music

    Thanks for the criticism guys, means a bunch I made a new soundcloud for sound design and soundtrack production purposes if you guys are interested in that, my url might change soon though as it is pending approval to get a url that has already been taken
  10. .Gage

    Post Your Music

    Ayylmao more stuff
  11. .Gage

    Post Your Music

    Working on another thing, gotta add quite a bit more stuff so it doesnt sound so loopy
  12. .Gage

    Post Your Music

    Ive been working a bit on some soundtracks myself since I got most of my libraries back from some unknown deletion back when I was on Windows 7 - Here's a thing - Another thing
  13. .Gage

    Hello New Friends

    Hello, my name is Gage, a few months ago I was gifted RPG Maker VX Ace from a dear old friend of mine since he heard me talking about how I used to play around with RPG Maker VX and how I would have wanted to try it out again, I also produce music, animations and art quit a bit and hope to be of...

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