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  1. Froggo32

    Idk why Im saying dat...anyways Im making a game

    So lately I've...uhh...had kinda bad time *wink* because I really didn't manage to do ANYTHING during lockdown and then summer holidays came and I like...haven't improved in anything at all not even a bit, got stuck at doing my game like 2 times and then Im stuck at making sprites for it- Sooo...
  2. Froggo32

    Apps for sprites?

    Hey. Its kinda hard to draw something good in Pixel studio when vxace support only 32x32 sprites. Its just...hard. so,do you know any good apps for making sprites that are 100 % free?
  3. Froggo32

    Whaddya think

    So uh I kinda make 16-bit game in Lite version, but since I cant edit fonts, I wonder...would my game look good with all 16-bit graphics but with normal - looking font? Or would it totally destroy the whole look?
  4. Froggo32

    Making 16-bit in Lite...?

    Soooo I wanted to make 16-bit game in Lite. I have nearly everything: time, idea, resources... But still there's a problem I want to change font. To a pixel one. And the window. I don't know if it works like in MV, where you can just simply copy graphics to any digital art app and just make a...
  5. Froggo32

    Problems with Sfont plugin

    Sooo I wanted to be able to use pixel fonts and I downloaded SFont plugin. But when I try to test my demo game, says that ArialWhite font was failed to load. And I dont know what to do. i have just Arial font in my fonts folder, and there isnt such a thing like ArialWhite so I'm...
  6. Froggo32

    Non-transparent window?

    Yo So lately I've been trying to make my own game in MV. I managed to find out how to edit windows, but there's one problem. It's transparent. I want it to not be like that since I'm going to make a retro styled game and I just cannot let it be transparent. So, how to change dat?

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