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  1. Treynor

    A Fond Farewell

    After over 1000 hours in RMMV, I've decided to move my entire game to GMS2 before it's too late in development. I was interested in creating something new and interesting, but I instead found most of my time spent looking for patch jobs to make RMMV do something it isn't 'supposed to do'. Thus...
  2. Treynor

    Luna Engine MV - Window X, Y

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right board to post on because the question I have is regarding the editing of the .yaml files. I'm now finally getting the hang of Luna Engine, but I've reached the limits of what video tutorials and documentation can teach me (unless there's a great...
  3. Treynor

    Name Input Plugin

    So I've successfully created an ingame search engine (with help from this forum) where the player can use the Name Input scene to type in a query and get a response. However this brings up one problem: tedium. Part of the puzzle element of my game will be looking things up. Think Wizardry 8. If...
  4. Treynor

    Default Message Window Position (Bottom-Middle-Top)

    Currently, when you open up the 'show text' command the default window position will be 'Bottom'. Is there any way to change it (in engine) so that the default is Middle or Top?
  5. Treynor

    "Battle" system ideas.

    Long story short, I honestly hate the typical RPG battle system. Most attempts at innovating it usually involve making it mildly different. As such, I have completely removed combat from my game. However, I would like to add some kind of conflict resolution system that doesn't involve physical...
  6. Treynor

    Custom Window Skin Graphical Issues

    I'm working on creating custom window skins for my game. So far it's going well with the normal one, but I thought it'd enrich the game further to have a thought bubble so I gave it a shot. It looks pretty good in my opinion, but the issue is these little white spots in the nook of each...
  7. Treynor

    Name Input - Arrays - Conditional Branches 'Oh my!'

    Hi guys, My Javascript handicap run me into a wall. I'm currently trying to create an in-game search engine where the player can access a kind of 'internet' to search up terms and get a response. I'm trying to use the Name Input command to do this. With some guidance, I've been advised to...
  8. Treynor

    Wall Depth

    I've looked everywhere for the answer to this but haven't found anything. How can someone use tiles to create the illusion of depth on the bottom portion of a wall. I want it to look like there's a space there when the character walks down. Being unable to do this feels a bit weird, especially...
  9. Treynor

    A More Effective Way to View Text

    I'm making a dialog heavy game, and I'm an absolute stickler for correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling. However, going through line by line is very inconvenient, not only because I need to open each event, but then to top it all off, I need to view text that goes off the side of the screen...
  10. Treynor

    Weird Crash RPG Maker MV [Steam Version]

    I've been having a rather unusual crash when on the tileset tab of the database. When I'm setting the tilesets to be below/at/under player level, some tiles begin to group together under these classifications. So when I click one tile to make it X, it's accompanying tile (for multi-tile graphics...
  11. Treynor

    The Unbeatable Bug

    I've encountered a great many bugs during my project, and squashed every single one. Yet now I've met my Moby Dick. What you see above is a show choices window that is supposed to have two choices. Instead, I have a blank box that I cannot exit or choose anything from, effectively making this...
  12. Treynor

    JS command for switches

    I'm a big time beginner when it comes to Javascript. I'm looking for a specific line of Java. I'm using SRD's Hud Maker and I'm trying to make it so that a certain image shows up when a switch is on. In the conditions box I wrote: if ($gameSwitches.setValue(91) === true); However I'm not sure...
  13. Treynor

    Speech bubble plugin trouble

    I'm using a speech bubble plugin right now and it's giving me grief. What you see here is what happens with all dialogue within the speech bubble. It's applying the window color from my system tab in the database, to the center of the speech bubble. So far, this has happened to me with two...
  14. Treynor

    Question for Regarding Positioning of Message Boxes

    I've been working on my game for a couple of months now and the one thing that I've really struggled with is text box position. My game is story and dialogue heavy, as such, the player will often find themselves looking at the bottom portion of the screen in order to read. However, I put a lot...
  15. Treynor

    Use/Examine Plugin

    So this is a semi-request / semi-inquiry post. I'm wondering if there's a plugin out there that will allow players to examine items in their inventory or use those items on specific objects in the world. So basically a UX plugin that pops up another mini menu when you click an item then you can...
  16. Treynor

    Moghunter Title Layers [SOLVED]

    I'm trying to animate my title screen, and I've succeeded. However the problem is the title screen turns into a thumbnail around 300 pixels in size in the top left corner of my screen. It's animated, but just small. I played with the configuration and when I turn on Screen Movement to True, it...
  17. Treynor

    Adding a word bank

    I'm looking to have a mechanic where keywords are collected in some kind of word bank and then are able to be used in conversations with different characters. I can kind of jury rig it to work using switches and conditions, but I'm wondering if there's a more effective method.
  18. Treynor

    Removing menus

    Is there a way (or at least a plugin) to remove menus completely? I'm making a game that doesn't require the equip or status menus and having them there when they aren't being used it just unpolished and cluttered.
  19. Treynor

    RMMV 10 Days to Jupiter - A Sci-Fi Comedy Adventure [MOVING TO GMS2]

  20. Treynor

    Comic-style speech bubbles

    I'm looking for some assistance on creating speech bubbles for characters. I've downloaded GALV Message Styles (blessed be his name) and I've gotten it working for the most part, however the major issues is I have no inkling of how to make those speech balloon tails that point at the character...

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