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  1. Ossra

    Help with plugin configuration parser (deep parse)

    I have been tinkering around with an all-in-one function that will perform a deep parse on the stored JSON plugin configuration as well as apply default values to any property that is blank. What I have come up with does work, but I cannot help but think that my code could be improved upon...
  2. Ossra

    Choice List Options [1.42]

    Choice List Options Ossra Summary The plugin allows the game developer to set positioning and layout options of the choice list window. Options Window X Position Y Position X Anchor Y Anchor Number of Rows Number of Columns Item Text Alignment Width Spacing Trim Number of Excess Rows...
  3. Ossra

    Event On Transfer [1.27]

    Event On Transfer Ossra Summary The plugin allows the game developer to run a common event when entering and/or exiting a map. The enter event is run before auto-run events and the exit event is run before the current map is unloaded. Manual Plugin Version 1.27 RPG Maker Version 1.6.2...
  4. Ossra

    Conditional Title Music [1.17]

    Conditional Title Music Ossra Summary The plugin allows the game developer to play a specified group of audio files on the title screen when the condition set for that group is met. Manual Plugin Version 1.17 RPG Maker Version 1.6.2 Download via GitHub Terms of Use Free for Commercial and...
  5. Ossra

    Testing Plugin Compatibility

    Are there packed bundles that contain the test build of NWJS, engine code, and libraries for each version of RPG Maker MV laying around? I have primarily building my newer plugins for the latest version (1.6.1), but I would like to ensure that the plugins could work even on the code from the...
  6. Ossra

    Replace Method Issue

    I have been editing the default Window_Status code, removing the actor parameters and equipment to open up an larger area for the actor profile. The stored profile text is passed through drawTextEx which uses the convertEscapeCharacters function. Now, convertEscapeCharacters should convert the...
  7. Ossra

    Ossra's Plugins <Plugin Count: 13> <13th September 2016>

  8. Ossra

    Plugin Assistance

    New to RPG Maker MV and a rather out of practice with JavaScript (as well as coding in general), so I thought I would try something easy. Could anyone glance over the following plugin and let me know if there is a way to improve the code? I am attempting to port one of my favorite scripts from...
  9. Ossra

    [XP/VX/VXA] Project Optimization (Revision 2.5; Upd-07/04/15)

    Update History To Do Easy Intermediate Extreme \ Data< .RVDATA Compression (VX) > I've currently completed a script to allow for compressing .RVDATA within the Data directory, as its total size can often roam higher than 4 mb in large projects. Current test runs have dropped the size...
  10. Ossra

    RTP Cord-Cutting - Fonts

    Perhaps I am a bit strange, but I enjoy creating self-contained projects (no RTP required) that also use as little hard drive space as possible. Unfortunately, both 'VL-Gothic-Regular' and 'VL-PGothic-Regular' font files are required by the game executable to run regardless of whether the...
  11. Ossra

    Flash Regions 1.0

    Flash Region 1.0 Exhydra Introduction Flash Regions adds the functionality to highlight and 'flash' a specified region or regions in any color, visibly displaying the area to the player. Screenshots How to Use After installing the script, you can either place a tag in the 'note' section of...
  12. Ossra

    Easier Way to Connect to HTTP Server?

    With no Net::HTTP to take advantage of within RPG Maker, is there any easier way to perform a simple GET request aside from using WinAPI (WinINet, etc)? Is it perhaps possible to take the code of Net::HTTP and shove it into RPG Maker?
  13. Ossra

    Schedule Event(s) to BGM

    I have been devising a custom title screen by skipping the built-in method and using the initial loaded map. However, the custom title screen code itself is not what I need help with. Instead, I am in need of a brainstorming session to come up with a way to 'schedule' or 'tie' events and/or code...
  14. Ossra

    Copy Bitmap from Windows Clipboard

    As part of a puzzle/effect within a RPGMAce project, I am attempting to use Windows API to grab a bitmap from the Windows clipboard which will then be used to create a Sprite which is displayed in-game. However, I am having issues with the process of converting the clipboard resource into a...
  15. Ossra

    Forecast - Weather Layering System

    Forecast - Weather Layering System [ Author Note ] What simply started out as tinkering rapidly became a colossal script. Or, at least, the most complex script I have written, so far. Although, that is not saying much. While I have certainly learned more while writing this script, I consider...
  16. Ossra

    the Door of Zosha [UPD:05-29-2014]

    < DEMONSTRATION DOWNLOAD - UPD:052914 > • SYNOPSIS • SETTING • DEIFIC DELEGATION • DEIFIC GOVERNANCE • SCREEN SHOTS • UPDATE LOG • CREDIT [LIST]Script(s) - Yanfly [LIST]Script(s) - Tsukihime [LIST]Script(s) - Killo Zapit [LIST]Script(s) - PK8 [LIST]Script(s) - Woratana...

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