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  1. Zeriab

    MoarMaps - You can never have too many maps

    Zeriab's MoarMaps With RPG Maker MZ the map limit was bumped up to 2000 maps. Clearly a limit only a select few developers can managed to stay within. Us true map makers need MOAR MAPS! This plugin allows you to have subfolders with additional maps and then transfer between them. There is...
  2. Zeriab

    Interesting Event Points

    Hey all! I made a list of what I considered important points in event or points which could take a long time to discover on your own. (If you discover it at all) These are based on RPG Maker XP, but some also apply in VX and VX Ace. Feel free to add your own ^_^ Set Move Route overrides...
  3. Zeriab

    Distributing RPG Maker XP games with custom fonts

    Distributing RPG Maker XP games with custom fonts Installing fonts is such a bother and requires admin privileges, so let us not do that When developing our games it is very possible we want to use another font. This information is already present elsewhere, but as a quick reminder it...
  4. Zeriab

    Implementing Steamworks Achievements

    Implementing Steamworks Achievements Once you are on Steam you really should implement Steamworks Achievements Summary This tutorial will give an overview of the possibilities for implementing Steamworks Achievements depending on your RPG Maker version. Requirements Have access on steam...
  5. Zeriab

    Non-WYSIWYG editor mode

    Hi all, Is there a way to enable a mode where I don't have to deal with the WYSIWYG editor when creating posts and topics, or at least a way to preview? Currently my success-rate of getting a post with any kind of formatting to look like I want it to 0%. Often the visual representation...
  6. Zeriab

    Zeriab's Steamworks Achievements Integration Package

    Zeriab's Steamworks Achievements Integration Package Introduction This package includes a custom dll with a Ruby script for implementing Steamworks Achievements in RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker VX Ace games. Please note that cyanic have created a script which does not require an...
  7. Zeriab


    Retrieve file path from environment variables by Zeriab This here is a utility script aimed a developers who want to place the save files in the %APPDATA%\\GameName path. (I.e. the roaming folder, conforming to Microsoft best practices) Instructions A typical code structure follows...
  8. Zeriab

    Plugin case changer (Test tool)

    Plugin case changer (Test tool)¨ Changes the casing of plugin commands Introduction This little plugin is to help scripters being aware of and making conscious choices about case-sensitivity and test during plugin development. It also helps plugin users bug scripters about such issues, and...
  9. Zeriab

    Working with integers

    Hi all, Quite frequently I find myself working integers on various programming tasks. Coming from the previous makers working with integers in Ruby is really easy. The seamless conversion between Fixnum and Bignum meant that as a scripter you didn't even need to care about integer overflow. As...
  10. Zeriab

    Common Events

    Common Events Note: This is aimed at intermediate eventers Note: Written for RPG Maker XP. Parallels to VX and VX Ace exists, but be careful about potential different subtleties. Common events are pretty much like map events with change that they are made common to all maps and don't have...
  11. Zeriab

    RPG Maker XP/VX Encrypter - When your project exceeds 128 MB

    Hey all! There is an issue in RPG Maker XP and VX where trying to create an encrypted archive for projects exceeding 128 MB results in a non-working installer. To address this issue I have created a small Java application which allows you to encrypt your RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker VX games...

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