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  1. how to bonus stat if certain skill or gear used by the certain actor

    either post at bug report or plugin support/report anyway I was testing my game when suddenly receive this message when began battle an enemy (through event) it all relates to enemy sprite as 2 are YEP plugins. tried reset/restart, not working. need help. sorry for wasting you guys. I manage...
  2. throught not working, did I make a mistake?

    1. that just the jump animation. after it end, he will return to the same position. and down? unless you mean up. (you refer to the 2 last pics right?) 2. nope. even if set player through on, still no.
  3. throught not working, did I make a mistake?

    sorry, I don't know where should I post this. Maker specific might be the choice, event trouble, but no MV. so the story I set an event... (note: I set 13, 10 >NPC event location) you see that at movement route bandit, I set through ON. but when testing the Bandit just jump on the spot not...
  4. plugin bug. how to delete it?

    I'm worried. what will happen to my game? so this especially direct to Victor Sant. I got a bug report about this Basic module. but even with basic module, still receive this error. tried to erase the follow up plugin, but the game said 'missing/require VE followUp skill'. what should I do...
  5. map & database question

    alright, thank you for answering. I haven't made a release yet. get many information for preparation.
  6. map & database question

    hello... as you see, I'm a newbie. well... I have few question I want to ask. (as I don't know where to post this). 1. how to update game with release all of them? let said I release a full complete game, a paid game. but there's a problem (example one the map have error). after I fix it, how...
  7. Actors Friendship System

    sorry for asking, newb here. anyway... how to start the plugin? I have understood < --- > that be put in notebox of actor or item, but not plugin command. found plugin command under 'event command 3' but unknow how to use it. -> will it active once then deactivate? will it continuously active...

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