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  1. BRITISHConnah

    Script to call a picture at title upon button?

    I want to make a small snippet of code to show a picture on the screen when you press one of the four buttons on the title screen. However, the script that is written does not run correctly. (Ignore the fact that it says extras, I haven't fixed that bit of code just yet.) This is the...
  2. BRITISHConnah

    Change message box font

    I am working on a game that requires the font to change from VL Gothic to Wingdings for the introduction but then back to VL Gothic for the rest of the game. How can I achieve this? I have currently got this code which changed the font size but it does not change the font style...
  3. BRITISHConnah

    Title Screen - Remove "Quit Game" from title.

    The title screen usually consists of "New Game", "Continue" and "Quit Game". Is there any way to remove the "Quit Game" option?

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