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  1. Wender

    What happen when I buy a RPG Maker tileset?

    Hello, I'm planning to buy the "Time Fantasy" tileset, and I don't know what will happen when I buy it. Will I be prompted to link my account to steam to automatically get the Tileset on RPG Maker MV? Or will there be a download and I'll need to manually install the tilesets? Thank you in advance!
  2. Wender

    Rich Presence Plugin Request

    A rich presence is part of Discord's SDK, it allows the user to show with more details the Game actual state (like if he's in the menu or in battle...) I have no video to show you because all Rich Presence videos are tutorial for a custom one (wich is really dumb)
  3. Wender

    Rich Presence Plugin Request

    Hey, I've made a game on Discord, and on the Discord Developper Checklist, something very interesting went right into my eyes, it was "Set up Rich Presence". At first, I searched on the forums if someone actually did or made a plugin for Rich Presence in RPG Maker, but no, no one actually did...
  4. Wender

    Anyway to big up the script window size ?

    Hey there I'm looking for help because i've tried a new script, but it seems like script window is way to little to contain the script. If you don't see what I mean, here's a screen. Early Thanks !

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