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  1. Looking for monsters for a game like D&D

    Hello, I'm doing a D&D (5e) style game and I'm looking for a large amount of monsters. I'm trying to fill out a list of something akin to the d&d (5e) monsters manual. There are quite a few monsters in there so if i have to leave a few out it's not too big of a deal, but I'm looking for a pack...
  2. Orange Lighting

    Hey there, I'm totally new to rpg maker (got MV on black friday), and have had issues getting a few things to work with the orange lighting. I managed to get the time system working and the day/night working. even have light shafts from the corners of the screen working, based on sun/moon light...
  3. Terrax Lighting system

    I double checked on the killswitch, i have it set to D but it's not causing issues. Also, for light colors, I've been using this website to help
  4. Terrax Lighting system

    well, i still had issues making it all work together, but now im trying to stick with orange lighting, which is essentially terrax lighting. but now can't see the light around my character or any other light source. still figuring it out
  5. Terrax Lighting system

    ok thanks, I'll look into trying that plugin. I'm new to rpg maker as a whole (got mv on black friday) so it may take me a minute to sort it out since i just found terrax today lol.
  6. Terrax Lighting system

    I was following along the tutorial video "RPG Maker MV Day and Night Clock System Tutorial" by Driftwood Gaming (The one after SumRndmDde's Clock Tutorial), and was trying to figure out how to get that to work with Terrax Lighting? I managed to get a torch that turned on/off based on the time...
  7. Minecart Plugin

    I was looking into trying out your demo but it won't download from the link.

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