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  1. Azarae

    Avy's MV Stuff

    The fence was like that for me awhile ago and then the booth suddenly was too, not sure why. But right clicking and opening them in a new tab still showed them properly either way.
  2. Azarae

    Avy's MV Stuff

    You guess?! XD But yeah, will definitely be giving credit of course and I will definitely send screens...evensend the game itself if requested! Mine is so far from being done though. I only got RPG-MV recently due to the recent steam sale. Also, the booths look sleek, I like it and cute little...
  3. Azarae

    Avy's MV Stuff

    I suppose it depends on what you are going for? For the living seaweed or whatever you would call it, if you are trying to make it look like it is writhing and trying to escape, perfect. Though if you are trying to get it to merely wiggle and stuff like it itself is alive instead of containing...
  4. Azarae

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Your work is fantastic! I absolutely love this latest tileset too, it has a slight Eldritch horror vibe to me.

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