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  1. Problem with event activations

    Hey all, I'm having some difficulties here. So if I set up an NPC to trigger on "Action Button" it works when the player is adjacent to it. However if I set up an "NPC" with the sprite of part of a bed and try the same thing...I can't get it to trigger? So after struggling with that I just set...
  2. I want to make a card game like yu-gi-oh or duel masters

    Hey bro just throwing it out there, I've been playing TCGs for over a decade and am very well versed in the higher level concepts of strategy, balance, etc. If you would like I would be more than happy to sign an NDA and look over your card game mechanics, and give you feedback on the cards...
  3. Why is RNG so despised?

    I dont know if this is considered necro posting but the thread is still open so here it goes. I think part of the "Miss" attack thing is it needs to be believable. Suspension of belief only takes you so far. In the Final Fantasy series it doesn't bother me at all when I miss against Cactuar...
  4. Starting out with a lot of cash, choose your path by buying equipment

    Maybe have an elder NPC who is gifting you your first set of gear? So he gives you a choice of 5 weapons and 3 armors. You are forced to choose one of each (Player is guaranteed to have equipment), and then the NPC gives you a small pouch of coins that you can use to purchase either Accessories...
  5. RMMV Combat mechanics and qtes

    I'm personally a fan of in battle QTEs as long as they're: A) Consistent B) The attack still deals normal damage of the QTE is missed, but either applies extra damage or an effect of successful. C) Quick. For a normal attack say 3 button presses max. Then for a limit attack have say 7 buttons...
  6. Can an Event be stretched?

    Nice I got the green light! Thanks for taking the time to chime in. Started it when I came home from work though was only able to get a few hours in. Going to grind hard until Thursday. May take a few weeks but I'm still very much looking forward to this.
  7. Can an Event be stretched?

    Cool I'll look into to those as well ☺
  8. Can an Event be stretched?

    Awesome thanks so much! I'm very new to the software so I haven't explored the parallel events yet but I'll definitely give it a shot.
  9. Can an Event be stretched?

    Oh well I was hoping to set up some "Zones" for one part. And then a proximity to NPC for another part.
  10. Can an Event be stretched?

    I'm asking for the One Map Challenge because you can only have 10 events. So let's stay I have a floor tile that I want to trigger something when the player walks across, is there a way to stretch out that single event to cover multiple tile spaces, rather than copy/pasting it? Sorry if I'm...
  11. Event One Map Game Challenge

    Thank you for moving it for me. Technically he said no simulating "multiple" maps using "complicated" tile switching. The village thing would still be the same map, just the "Roofing" tiles of a building would become transparent when the building is entered. So the actual gameplay element...
  12. Event One Map Game Challenge

    Oh cool I just saw this. I will be more than happy to work on something this week. Quick question...would it be permissible for me to include a "Dream/Hallucination cutscene" on a different map or using a tileset switch? Something completely uninteractable of course, just pressing the button to...
  13. Technology in Medieval Settings

    So here's one possible justification for a disparity...any magic tech is controlled by the government, because it's their greatest military asset. As such, it's not available for civilian use, and all research and application is specifically for military application. So think of a Nuke. A nuke...
  14. should the worldmap be made last?

    I guess I'm in the minority haha. I like figuring out the geography early on, but I'm really into building a coherent world. So what race lives where, what type of terrain is it, what resources would be available on that terrain, what resources would be severely lacking and need to be traded...
  15. Are any of these three things possible?

    Would it instead be focus on the field abilities, but have a button to swap which character I'm using? So character A can do a sword swipe, then press Shift to swap to character B who can shoot an arrow?
  16. Are any of these three things possible?

    Hey all, few questions... 1) Is it possible to, outside of battle, control two separate characters at once? So like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. As in party member A walks around with the left stick, while party member B walks around with the right stick. Probably not, but I figured I would...
  17. Am I allowed to use game resources outside of the engine?

    So I supposed to close the thread? Is that something you guys do? Or does it just get left open so future users can see the answer to the question?
  18. Am I allowed to use game resources outside of the engine?

    Well darn. Such is life I suppose, not about to shoot the messenger. Thanks Bgillisp.
  19. Am I allowed to use game resources outside of the engine?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I was a bit worried when I saw that mods have to approve posts, but that was very timely. And I assume the non character portraits created through the "Character Generator" would also be off limits correct?
  20. Am I allowed to use game resources outside of the engine?

    Hey all, first post here, glad to be a part of the forums. So I have a license for the MV through Steam. I also utilize Game Maker Studio. Would I be allowed to use any of RPG Maker's assets, notably the character portraits in a game built in GMS? I would imagine I would be required to credit...

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