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  1. TomatoKing

    Learn JS with RPG Maker MV

    RPG Maker MV motto is "Simple enough for a child; powerful enough for a developer", but we are missing a very important step in there, how do we go from "child" to "developer"? As of right now, it would require the child to go learn coding elsewhere and then come back, what will happen probably...
  2. TomatoKing

    Pixi.js Spine animation plugin

    Pixi.js already has support for spine animation as seen here: and further examples on pixi.js site: Spine is an skeletal animation tool that is pretty popular because of it's robust APIs...
  3. TomatoKing

    Is the 'Editor Suggestions and Improvement' section a placebo?

    First off, please don't bite me, I'm genuinely curious. Have they ever implemented a feature based on user feedback? I mean something big editor wise. I ask because the last version of RM I used before MV was RM95 translated back in 1995 or 96, I was a little kid back then, yet when I got MV I...
  4. TomatoKing

    Skeletal Animation Tools and why they are a good option

    Greetings, I'm new around here and decided I should try to share some of my knowledge about this topic. I will not paste links so you will have to use google. Since side view battlers are a thing and you can get some good animation in there using different plugins, I think it would be on some...

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