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  1. dexni

    RMMV Odyssey - Action Adventure Zelda-esque RPG

    are you using a plugin for the action battle system and if so witch one?
  2. dexni

    Zelda Style Map Transitions

    Note tag or plugin command is not working for me. I have rooms I don't want to scroll, but they will just start at the top rather than were I transfer into even if I set the notetag or put in the commands. Am I not getting something? Nevermind that it is working the problem is that the camra...
  3. dexni

    [SOLVED] Yet another "I can't see the In-Game fonts" question

    I am having this problem, everything above i have done/tried and still can't see font. anyone know what i could do?
  4. dexni

    Echoes of Aetheria

    very awesome game, grid battles are amazing.
  5. dexni

    Quasi Movement

    like i said i have done all that.... I just don't understand so i wont waste your time anymore. Thanks tho
  6. dexni

    Quasi Movement

    Yes sorry i just had the wrong link, i have read that... I just don't understand I guess.... I am very new and have a lot of things down. This has been something I have been trying hard to fig out and when I found this I was so happy, yet now I seem even more confused. I may not be cut out for...
  7. dexni

    Quasi Movement

    can someone be so kind to help a noob out, I would like to do what is done at 0:12 in the vid and i have read (is this the wrong thing?), but I still don't know how it is done. I would very much like to ad this kind of movement to the game I have been...
  8. dexni

    Pickup and Throw

    Have you found anything like this yet, I have been looking as well.
  9. dexni

    Respawn timer for on map encounters?

    broken link... is there one out there?
  10. dexni

    Special State: Autolife

    Can't you just have Knockout (death) have "remove after battle" and do the same thing or am i missing something?
  11. dexni

    RPG maker MV platformer plugin?

    O man that is soooooo what i have been looking for but i don't know japanese at all. :(   english version needs to be made!!

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