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  1. [XP] Skill Callouts

    bump. PLZ ANSWER!!!
  2. [XP] Skill Callouts

    bump... still waiting...
  3. KEquippedSkills XP

    @kyonides i have a question on the conversation
  4. [XP] Skill Callouts

    bump! HELLO??? ANYONE?????
  5. [XP] states that inflicts another state

    @BloodSoakedPuppeteer98 hey! are you even there???
  6. [XP] states that inflicts another state

    my guess is that where, if that battler does not have despair and has other states (like frozen), it will give them 0 HP regardless. (or something like that) and btw, you did answer my question of this.
  7. [XP] states that inflicts another state

    Nope. just regular Frozen state. i think it has something to do about the other states that have "Regard as HP 0" enabled. you know, the usual Fainted state, and the two other Fainted states for the Light and Dark insta-kills from the Persona Series. P.S. btw, how do i add in states where an...
  8. [XP] states that inflicts another state

    bump! i've added a despair state from persona 5, where the despaired person loses 5% SP every turn and dies at the 3rd turn i believe that that code in Game_Battler 2 has this weird issue and look what happens here. im gonna make Litten frozen at Turn 0 and... whaaaaaaaaat??? i think...
  9. Different Difficulties problem

    @kyonides i edited a bit in Game_Battler 3 # Branch by parameter case item.parameter_type when 1 # Max HP @maxhp_plus += item.parameter_points when 2 # Max SP @maxsp_plus += item.parameter_points when 3 # Strength...
  10. Different Difficulties problem

    @KK20 wait, should it be placed like this? --------------------------------- Easy LVL Up Notifier Different Difficulties D.D. Battle Test Fix ---------------------------------- or like this? --------------------------------- Different Difficulties D.D. Battle Test Fix Easy LVL Up Notifier...
  11. Different Difficulties problem

    @KK20 well... the same error keeps happening no matter i move it but there is something weird about this code but i don't the what other script is making an error like this, why don't you test it out and see for your self. i just picked out some scripts that i thought its suitable to my game...
  12. Different Difficulties problem

    bump! new problem! i have the Easy LVL Up Notifier Script from Tons of Add-ons #:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:= # Easy LvlUp Notifier by Blizzard # Version: 2.2 # Type: Battle Report Display # Date: 27.8.2006 # Date v1.2b: 3.11.2006 # Date v1.3b...
  13. [XP] ATB Bars Connection

    bump. anyone wanna help me? please???
  14. [XP] HoT DoT Issues

    i tested it, and it did the trick. thanks. btw, how do i have ATB bars in this post of mine?
  15. [XP] HoT DoT Issues

    i have this script called HoT DoT (A.K.A. Heal over Time Damage over Time (and i think what thats stand for)) #============================================================================== # HoT DoT # Author: Shdwlink1993 # Version: 1.04 # Type: Poison Control # # Editted by KK20...
  16. [XP] seeing the damage affinities

    @kyonides i think the numbers will have color when affected from curtain affinities for example: Yellow or Orange = Weakness White = Normal (obviously) Gray = Resist [Extras] The word "BLOCK" = Null Green = Heal like the Cool Damage Script, where the damage color becomes Red when a CRIT happens.
  17. [XP] seeing the damage affinities

    @kyonides tell me how do i do that???
  18. [XP] ATB Bars Connection

    i have the XRXS ATB Script - Overhauled by Heretic but i don't know how i connect the ATB Script with the HP/SP/ATB/LB Bars Script... here is the ATB part of the script. #========================================================================= # * Draw Actor ATG # actor : Actor...
  19. [XP] Skill Callouts

    bump. anyone want to help me???

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