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  1. Where do I login?

    There used to be a Login link up top where I could find and download the products I bought, has it moved?
  2. A Big Thank You

    I wasn't sure where to post this. I just want to give a thank you to all the people working on resources and RPGM for your hard work and dedication!
  3. [RMMV] Max. number of character sheets, tileset sheets, and pictures allowed?

    What is the maximum number of character sheets, tileset sheets, and pictures allowed in a game? Thank you!
  4. [RMMV] Change variable based on player outrunning or being outrun by moving event

    At first I thought checking player and event coordinates using regions would work, but there's two problems: not enough regions and too many regions to keep track of. So here's what I want to do, but don't know how to do it: In my game Horseventure, I have a race on a race track that the player...
  5. Actor same name as other actor

    Based on Shaz's script call, but I didn't want to use variables so I came up with this: I want actor 3 to have the same name as actor 1, but actor 3 gets named "Object object" when I use the script call. I don't want to use variables because the player will input the actor's name, which I...
  6. Race placing via variables?

    I intend to use variables for keeping track of placing (1st, 2nd, etc.) in a race. When a racer crosses the start/finish line, he will get one point. He needs three points to get a placing. But I'm having trouble with the score system. How do I make it so the racers' scores get checked during...
  7. Bind picture to event coordinates using variables?

    In my game, I have an image bound to an event's x,y coordinates using variables (image x = event map x, ship y = event map y), but the image still moves with the camera rather than staying in place. How do I fix this?
  8. RMMV Horseventures

    HUBWOLD: SAMPLE OF RACE TRACKS: ITEMS: CHARACTERS: Horseventure is a horse racing game. The game starts at the horse selection screen with four horses. Hanael is a black shy cold-blooded stallion who runs slow and is for beginning players to get to know the game's mechanics, world, etc...
  9. Cannot read property x of undefined

    MV 1.6.1 on Windows Vista. Not sure which plugin is the problem. Also not sure what "anonymous" in the console means.
  10. Sound test and event command audio works, but no audio when play testing

    Audio works fine on internet, vlc, and everywhere else on my computer (Windows Vista) except for when I playtest my MV 1.6.1 game. This started an hour ago today, I've been trying to find a solution to it - including resetting my computer - but to no avail. Please help. Audio works fine in sound...
  11. Sideways Torii (Gate)

    I based it on the torii in the ancient nippon tileset of Maru's MV Bits thread. Tell me what you think so I can improve! The left torii is my attempt to fix the sideways perspective. The middle torii was my first attempt at a sideways torii. The right torii is from Maru's MV Bits thread and is...
  12. Alma's bamboo wall and roof tile

    Whenever I go to I get the error message So I was wondering if anyone has Alma/vol.139's new site, or the user's bamboo wall and roof tile? Nazgul posted a screencap that includes the tile in this thread...
  13. Yami Skip Title won't return me to map title screen

    I have a map that's the title screen. I found this answer to my problem: But I don't understand what to do. Please help.
  14. Burgerland's edits

    Thank you, slimmmeiske2, for merging my threads into one :) As the new thread name says, this is where my edits will be going for easier finding. I hope you like my edits. The rules are simple: * Edits that are based on Hiddenone's or other creators' resources are subject to said creators' terms...
  15. MV Modern Resources

    Inspired by Granny List's list of modern VX/VX Ace tiles thread. Convert VX Ace tilesets into MV tilesets! Cars, trucks, parking lot: Asato, WBRUH, and more Doors, windmill, helicopter, Christmas tiles, interior and exterior tiles: Pandamaru Icons: Bonbon Lamppost sprite, side view...
  16. [RMMV] Clear self-switches on loading game

    I know you can clear all the self-switches in the game with the script call But I was wondering how (if possible) to clear all self-switches - either in the whole game or just on the map you're located - when you load the game?
  17. RMMV: Galv Map Properties TypeError Property Erased Of Undefined

    When I fire a projectile on a map, no projectiles is fired. This happens nine times in a row (hitting the fire button over and over). When I fire a tenth time, I get this error:
  18. RMMV Slimemon

    Slimemon is a RMMV action game about a species of evil slimes (originally called slime monsters - hence the game's name - but I thought the character name was too long, so I shortened it)! They've been traveling from solar system to solar system in our galaxy, enslaving every other species and...
  19. Orange HUD Syntax Error

    I'm using MV 1.6.1. I got this error when starting a New Game. I think I misused the plugin, but not sure how. Please help.
  20. Pokemon facing direction

    In Pokemon, when you press Up the player turns to face up without moving up. When you press UP again, the player moves up. Is there a way to do this in RMMV?

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