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  1. cane_danko

    my name is cane and i am a rpgmaker-holic

    Really I think I have a this problem of working on the same project for way too long :D but it's all for the better game! So, who all is here now? :D
  2. cane_danko

    Character Design

    Are there any tutorials that can help me flesh out my characters? I am good at creating the characters and coming with a backstory but implementing them in the story to show their goals and personality is difficult. I am in need of some tricks from the pros!
  3. cane_danko

    Cyber Punkz

    Game Synopsis It is the year 2178. The earth is just a shadow of its former beauty. What was once the United States is now a Wasteland. The memory of the Old World has faded into legend and humankind struggles to rebuild itself from the ashes. Their triumph is the city of Asgard. Built out of...
  4. cane_danko

    To Grind or Not to Grind... That is the question

    Well it is more of a choice that I see. In my game (which a demo will be out soon hopefully) there comes to a point where the game opens up to a more non-linear path. Which even before then the game can seem challenging depending. My question I guess is how challenging can I make it for someone...
  5. cane_danko

    So my first post on here... intimidated a bit D:

    Well, not sure what all we can post on here, but yeah I work with rpg maker vx ace. I actually did  the rpg maker 2k and the psx version way back when... I have a project going but I am hesitant to  post it up because I dunno if it will seem to noobish... Though, that being said I would like...

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