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  1. Sending game

    I'm trying to send my game to my friends who don't have RPG Maker MV and they can't open it. They keep getting nw_elf.dll is missing as a pop up. Any way to fix this?
  2. Music isn't working

    I've added in the .ogg and .m4a files of the music I want to play into my game but it wont show up when I go to change it to play it, is there something I've missed?
  3. Projects not opening

    Everytime I try to open up my game I'm working on I get this pop-up. Is there any way to fix this?
  4. Shop plugins

    Does anyone know of a good shop plugin that I can use for a game I'm making. It would have to be one thats free because this is just a game for me and my friends
  5. Quest Log plug-in

    I'm looking for a good quest log plug-in for a game I'm making. It doesn't have to be anything crazy because the game is just for my friends to play. Thanks
  6. Can't change troop images

    I've double clicked on the box but nothing happens. I'm really new o this so did I miss something?

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