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  1. Radis3D

    CP Large Sprite Fix make game Laggy

    Excuse me, I try use plugin CP Large Sprite Fix by Neon Black and it's work very well, but when i try put some event, suddenly the game very laggy and fps drop to 1. I think lot's of event make the fps drop, then I try to decrease the event but the issue still appear, then I try to OFF all the...
  2. Radis3D

    Theo - Limited Inventory (for MV)

    yey,, @TheoAllen is back.. Thank you for the plugin.. :3
  3. Radis3D

    Tales of Graces Title System

    hope the link will be fix soon... :') :3
  4. Radis3D

    Pretty Sleek Gauges

    wow, look awesome.. lemme try.. :3
  5. Radis3D

    Preload Manager

    thank you so much @Archeia :3
  6. Radis3D

    Battle Formations - Breath of Fire series style!

    waiting for compatibility with YEP :3 yeah, battle with formation and positioning, finally come true.. :3
  7. Radis3D

    Jay's Battle VA Manager (voice acting), with Yanfly Action Sequence compatibility, version 1.0

    :LZSblush::LZSblush::LZSblush::LZSblush::LZSblush: any demo for test?
  8. Radis3D

    Shop Organization - Categories to buy items!

    ah, i'm so sorry, usually the ToU on the bottom.... thank you :3
  9. Radis3D

    Shop Organization - Categories to buy items!

    how about the Terms (ToU)? interested plugin... :')
  10. Radis3D

    Choice Help Window

    excuse me, i have a problem when use it.. <br> from Yanfly, didn't work.. I have put it under all of Yanfly's... thank you before....
  11. Radis3D

    Super easy enemy balance method

    just looking to another way to balancing enemy, and found it.. very very handy for me... :') *sorry if it be necropost...
  12. Radis3D


    Wow, another Preloader xD lemme try :3
  13. Radis3D

    Bloodmorphed's Difficulty Plugin

    very interesting.. :') lemme try.. hhmm, how about compatibility?
  14. Radis3D

    Secret passage plugin

    thank you for making it, lemme try it :)
  15. Radis3D

    Edward's MV Resource V0.22[Colosseum Tile Updated 10/15/2017]

    Waiting for Lu Bu's Armor XD or maybe Diao Chan XD hihih, waiting the progress XD
  16. Radis3D

    VE - Element Set

    annoo.. i have update the plugin... but suddenly, my attack be twice.. (when i do a attack, the animation show up and do some damage, then the actor do swing motion and the animation show up again and do some damage) what must i do? O.o sorry..
  17. Radis3D

    VE - Element Set

    sorry for late screenshot.. :3
  18. Radis3D

    VE - Element Set

    anoo... Mr. Victor.. may i ask about this plugin.. why i get error when I use your Throwable Objects plugin? Sankyu... :) (for the screenshot, i'll send later when i got my pc)  
  19. Radis3D

    VE - Battle Status Window

    i have no idea with code.. :'( i hope others will help me about it.. sankyu :)
  20. Radis3D

    VE - Battle Status Window

    annoo... how to make this plugin compatible with Yanfly ATB? because, when ATB bar increasing, it is blinking.. sankyu..

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