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    Hello Jalen, first and foremost I want to say thank you and congratulate you on your work. But more than anything I want to ask you for something, don´t you give up. That´s what I want, honestly, your portrait generator is only a BETA and it´s still the best I have seen online, and truthfully I...

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Why is it so hard to accept existential stoicism? To insist stoics must be deterministic is like insisting God couldnt create evolving animals. Drop the dogmas and concider the compatible mechanics
I just had a duel at Duel Links, and started right away with a fusion monster... felt like an actual yugioh main character :3
Now listen closely... Here's a little lesson in trickery, This is going down in history...
So the four of my friends are singing a song and I'm like... ohoho I don't know this song. Better act like I do!
A boss that spams confuse, blind, silence, oil and slow on all party members? Good idea FF12 *headdesk*

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