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  1. Drackomordain

    TamFey's Timed Button Attacks

    Have you thought about expanding to include the controller style (A) (B) (X) (Y) buttons as well as the directional arrows.  I envision a single horizontal bar with a generic "Press Now" icon such as a square or circle that the player will time they're button presses too.  Insanely excited about...
  2. Drackomordain

    Damage Types - Expanded

    I myself like logical elemental usage.  Yes a sword can make you bleed just like a spear can, logically they go about it different.   Every thing could be simplified down to just Physical or Magic damage, but that makes for a less robust world and can also limit certain boss or even regular...
  3. Drackomordain

    On Poisons, Antidotes, and Fun

    I still argue that if the best solution to your encounter mechanics is to DPS race to end the battle, you may as well only use full damage on cast/use spells/skills. I don't have any problem killing the player and their whole party if the want to ignore a pretty simple game mechanic.
  4. Drackomordain

    Stat complexity

    I'm gonna cast my lot in for Stat Complexity, but with a condition.  It has to fit the game.  Stat complexity in and of itself doesn't add fun.   Stat complexity becomes fun when the player has to make a meaningful choice concerning stats.   "Do I make my paladin a better healer? or a better...
  5. Drackomordain

    On Poisons, Antidotes, and Fun

    Poison (or any other DoT for that matter) that has a set duration of turns, is not much different than a "Magic Missle" Spell.  It costs X resources for Y damage.  Typically in balancing them however the X cost is less per point of Y damage in DoTs because their damage isn't front loaded. You...
  6. Drackomordain

    Giving different classes a similar skill

    If they are gonna be the same, give them the same name. If Barbarian has Frenzied Strike and Rogue has Flurry, just pick the name that fits the skill the best and use it on all classes that need it for balance. Its OK to share skills between classes just don't try and pass it off as 2/3 skills...
  7. Drackomordain

    Perks passive buffs

    Unless you have a built in respec option, you have to be careful with what your rewards system does. If your combat balance depends on min maxing, then it would be best to use "perks" for customization and flavor, and let your gear/leveling handle a majority of your combat stats. I think the...
  8. Drackomordain

    'Physical' vs 'Ranged & Melee'

    Ranged & Melee can both be physical damage or magical damage depending on the skill used and the equipment worn.   But in terms of realism I'd suggest designing them with different mechanic's and play styles as well as different dependencies on Attributes/Stats.
  9. Drackomordain

    An RPG Without A Dedicated Healer

    This is actually mainly dependent on what type of challenges you want to present to the player. A dedicated healer can open up several mechanics that are not available if healing is in short supply. Developing your encounters will tell you if you need a dedicated healer or not.
  10. Drackomordain

    Button Combos for added Skill depth

    I would like to begin work on a script that lets you set up button input note tags on Skills, and then calls a scene similar to Moghunters Theatrythm were you have to press the buttons as they reach a indicator when you use the skill.   The closer to perfect you get, ~the higher % chance of...
  11. Drackomordain

    Item Cooldowns

    I just wanna say Liquid, I really appreciate your particular plugin choices. Maybe it's just fate, but they always seem to mix extremely well with my project. Keep on doing what you do
  12. Drackomordain

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I believe I solved the problem, It appears I had the "More State Overlay" plugin by Hakuryo enabled and that was causing the issue, moved to above Battle Engine Core and it appears to be working...
  13. Drackomordain

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I'm having a heck of a time getting sideview animated enemies to work.   I have no idea what to do, I've disabled all other plugins except Yanflys.  If I disable the Animated Sideview Enemies mobs are fine, but if I try to use the Animated Enemies, it wont show them, if I try to use the...
  14. Drackomordain

    Equip Skill System

    I know it won't be for everyone, but I like it
  15. Drackomordain

    Equip Skill System

    [icon] White Magic [icon] Heal This was what I was thinking.
  16. Drackomordain

    Equip Skill System

    Really enjoying the ability to create different grades of skill equips, one small idea, can we link an icon in anyway to the Slot Type name?
  17. Drackomordain

    Equip Skill System

    Let me be the first to say thanks, I've been camping this post daily eagerly awaiting this next version!  Much love  :)
  18. Drackomordain

    Equip Skill System

    I like the color coding idea, but either a icon or title system if you don't want to frustrate colorblind players. It even, a "*" rating.. "**", "***" etc
  19. Drackomordain

    Equip Skill System

    I have to agree with lilli666, having the option to tag skills with different tiers (Adventurer, Master, Legendary) would allow for a lot better game balancing options. That being said, this plugin is going to be a core feature in my project, it pretty much answers all my game balance issues in...
  20. Drackomordain

    Row System

    Bumping post, core game mechanic I want to implement in current project will be using this system in crazy new ways that I'm pretty excited to flesh out.

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