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  1. Mihnea

    How can I make status effects interact with each other?

    So what I'm looking to do is have 2 statuses that interact with each other. In my case I want to have a status named "open wound". I'd like that in the case the player has that effect and is also poisoned, the poison to deal significantly more damage than it normally would. Is there any way to...
  2. Mihnea

    How can I change the animation magic users do before casting a spell?

    How can I change the animation (sideview) magic users do before casting a spell? Still using the default animations, StateUp1 seems to be used as an animation whenever a magic user casts anything. Is there any way to change this effect to something else? I cannot find any way to change it or...
  3. Mihnea

    Swapping actors using events or a menu?

    So I am looking to give the player the ability to choose what characters to venture fourth with. Basically my problem is that I have roughly 12 characters which I wish the player to be able to swap at certain points in the game. (Eg. taverns) Unfortunately I am unable to find a way to do this...
  4. Mihnea

    How to display a dialouge image depending on who's in the party?

    For example I wish to have the text "123" show up, and the image besides it change depending on who's in the party and in which position. If the rogue is in front, his actor image will appear besides the text. If the healer is in front, her actor image will appear besides the text. Is there any...
  5. Mihnea

    How do I get a semi-transparent tile not to overlay on top of everything else?

    So I have this custom tileset, which includes a semi-transparent black square (used to create shadows). It works well in the editor (pictured on the left) But when I play the game it just puts itself on the top layer (Pictured on the right). The shadow is marked with a star in the tileset, so...
  6. Mihnea

    Getting permadeath working/getting a common event to run at the end of every turn

    So, title explains all of it. I have this common event with conditional branches for if a character enters the knockout state (reaches 0 hitpoints) some dialouge will be shown and then the member will be removed from the party. However I have trouble getting it to work past turn 1. (If I run the...
  7. Mihnea

    Call common event with the value of a variable

    Hello, there. I have a quick question that is simply; I want to call a common event with the ID of a common event. Here's how you call a common event in case anyone needs it Also, I came up with this but it...
  8. Mihnea

    [SOLVED] Yanfly animated enemies not working

    So, I have battle core engine from yanfly as well as animated enemies, I put the animated enemies plugin below the battle core engine, but it didn't work as it showed "Cannot read property 'tolowercase' of undefined" before even booting the game up. After putting animated enemies above battle...

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