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  1. MechPen

    Follower Distance

    Follower Space ver 1.1 by me, MechPen Here's a quick and easy plugin to change how many tiles the party members follow behind the leader. You might need this if your character sprites are wider or longer than 1 tile. Make that pony RPG! Feature - Change the distance that party members...
  2. MechPen

    Galv's Picture Animations

    I fixed this to work in battles because I needed it in a project. The problem was that picture ids start at 101 in battle.
  3. MechPen

    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Changing var Game_Player_clearTransferInfo = Game_Player.prototype.clearTransferInfo; Game_Player.prototype.clearTransferInfo = function() { this ); this._moveTarget = false; this._moveTargetSkippable = false; }; to...
  4. MechPen

    RPG Sprite Stitcher

    There was this neat little program I found on Github that could join images together in rows and columns, exactly how RPG Maker character are laid out. But it lacked the ability to rearrange frames and would scale any image that didn't match the frame size. Luckily, this program is open source...

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I worked a lot more today and I am thinking about Youtube videos to make to my channel, but I am still looking for some content :D

But I am happy to be back at work :D
Update... no scam calls all day. I think they learned their lesson. And I'm working on a fake anti-piracy video, featuring a fan game I'm making in MV. If I had the permission to make the game a licensed game that I could sell (rather than having it totally free like fan games are required to be), I'd use a really cool anti-piracy screen...
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Hey there fellow makers!

just looking for an excuse to post this, really... :kaoslp:

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