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  1. masanobu91

    Victor Engine compatibility problem?

    Hello everyone i hope anyone can help me with this. I'm having a bit of compatibility problem with victor engine battler graphic setup plugin and RGSS atb plugin. The victor engine plugin is refreshing all the sprites to iddle even when they should do the "chant" motion while charging the...
  2. masanobu91

    RGSS Fast travel Map Moving Issue

    Hello everyone, i have a problem with RGSS MOG fast travel plugin. I really hope someone can help me because I'm going nuts T_T. I want to stop the map from moving when you select a location. Instead, i want the world map to be always in the center and full screen (like a fix image) and only...
  3. masanobu91


    Hello everyone, Does any of you experienced problems positioning battlers with row formation plugin running with the yanfly battle core? Also, when you add a battler in the middle of the battle, the added battler goes into a random place which is not in either any of the selectable row (even...
  4. masanobu91

    Web Deployment plugin compatibility issue?

    Hello everyone, since yesterday I'm trying to upload my game as web browser game but there is one plugin that cannot be read by the browser. The plugin is eventindicator plugin by MOG. Of course i tested the game in local and it works and also the exe version works. Also i tried to switch off...
  5. masanobu91

    RMMV Stories Of Exilia *Demo

  6. masanobu91

    Yanfly atb gauge lenght? Elly's ATB bug? Heeelp T.T

    Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me if it's possible to change the width of the gauges with yanfly atb system? I tried elly's atb and it works amazingly but it has a bug with the casting animation: If the actor gets hit or selected during the casting it stops the motion. OR if the motion is set...
  7. masanobu91

    YEP Row Formation problem

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this site. I will be very quick and straight to the point. Yesterday I installed the row formation plug in by Yanfly and now I have 2 major "problems" that i can't solve. 1: The step in animation of battlers is skipped (battlers just spawn in their home...

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