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  1. THEMagicMissile

    Octopack Battler Sample Project crashing during battles

    I just tried another fresh download and it seems to be working now! Thank you all very much for the help!
  2. THEMagicMissile

    Octopack Battler Sample Project crashing during battles

    Hmm, I downloaded a fresh one and the version in the rpg_core.js said v1.6.1, before loading the project in the editor. The issue is also still happening. I'll have to see if I can find contact info for the seller. That was my first thought when I found the issue, but I couldn't seem to find...
  3. THEMagicMissile

    Octopack Battler Sample Project crashing during battles

    I recently purchased Fallen Angel Olivia's Octopack Battler Sample Project. Any time I enter a battle, I get the error screen below. I have made no modifications to the sample project whatsoever and am running it in its default state. I've tried doing this with multiple different battles...
  4. THEMagicMissile

    Change Item Name Mid-Game with Player Input

    I'm looking for some way to allow the player to change the name of an item/weapon/armor during the game. Alternatively, a way to make an item's name equal a character's name would also work, since I could then just have the player change the name of the character and have that change reflected...
  5. THEMagicMissile

    New! Detailed Shop

    Great! Its an amazing plugin!
  6. THEMagicMissile

    Galv's Magic Shards

    I'm curious, are we allowed to use the magic orb images from your demo in our own game?
  7. THEMagicMissile

    New! Detailed Shop

    Would it be possible to add a feature to change the shopkeeper mid-game? I'd like to have different shop keepers for different types of stores.
  8. THEMagicMissile

    Pre-Title Events

    I've been waiting for something like this! Thanks very much!
  9. THEMagicMissile

    Request: Pre-Title Screen Video

    I saw that, but I believe that script puts a video as the background of the title screen as opposed to a still image. I'm looking for something that plays a video and then goes to the title screen.
  10. THEMagicMissile

    Request: Pre-Title Screen Video

    I'm looking for someone to make a script that would automatically play a video before the title screen appears, like in many JRPGs. You should probably be able to skip the video by pressing a button so that the player isn't forced to watch it every time. I remember seeing some stuff like this...
  11. THEMagicMissile

    Custom Title Screen for MV

    Nice! I've been waiting for something like this! Thanks for sharing!!
  12. THEMagicMissile

    CP's Luna Status Problem

    Actually, I think I can do what I need with the EvilEagles demo as a base. It'll take a bit of work to get the element rates to display, but I know how to add those myself. Thanks for the help!
  13. THEMagicMissile

    CP's Luna Status Problem

    I'm using the commercial version of Luna. The graphics for the status menu display just fine until I try to change actors from within the status menu; each individual actor's graphics display like they should if I access the status menu from the main menu. I'm not sure why the only time my...
  14. THEMagicMissile

    CP's Luna Status Problem

    Sorry, I'll try explaining it better and with screenshots. When I enter the status menu from the main screen it always comes up fine, no matter which actor I choose. However, when I try to use the Q or W keys to switch the actor displayed in the status menu, the entire menu disappears. The...
  15. THEMagicMissile

    CP's Luna Status Problem

    Not 100% sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'll try anyway. I have my status menu looking great using CP's Luna Status Config, but whenever I try to switch actors using Q and W, all I get is the background image and none of the actual information or actor specific images. Not...

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