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  1. homietwin

    FREE RPG In Early Development (LOOKING FOR MANY)

    CODE NAME: ESSENCE Hi Everyone, This is a project I had actually started 2 years ago. I had begun recruiting for help with it when very unexpected death happened in my family which pushed everything on a back burner. I am at a point in my life where I am ready to relaunch this project and find...
  2. homietwin

    FREE RPG game, Code Name Essence

    CODE NAME: ESSENCE Hi Everyone, I have several pages of notes, characters created, and side stories for many of the characters. I have created several areas, most of a world map, and a few scenes. What i don't have is a team to help me continue creating this game and see it become something we...
  3. homietwin

    City Bells

    Resource Type: Tile sets Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artists choice but one that will work well with tileset designs that come with MV. Description:  Hi Everyone! I am currently designing a city I have dubbed "the city of bells." I have done searches around multiple websites and I have...

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I worked a lot more today and I am thinking about Youtube videos to make to my channel, but I am still looking for some content :D

But I am happy to be back at work :D
Update... no scam calls all day. I think they learned their lesson. And I'm working on a fake anti-piracy video, featuring a fan game I'm making in MV. If I had the permission to make the game a licensed game that I could sell (rather than having it totally free like fan games are required to be), I'd use a really cool anti-piracy screen...
People2_1 added! ( with alternative hairstyle )

Hey there fellow makers!

just looking for an excuse to post this, really... :kaoslp:

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