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  1. Richard John S

    RMMZ How do I create more parameters for equipment in MZ? (Solved)

    How do I create more parameters for things such as items, weapons, and armor in MZ? I was able to easily do this in VX, but I can't figure out how to do this in MZ or MV. Below is an example of some code that I would use in VX to get the extra parameters. module RPG class BaseItem def...
  2. Richard John S

    How can I create modules/classes like this in MV?

    I created a random treasure system with VX using classes and modules a while ago, and I have no idea how to do this with MV. How would I make something similar to this? For instance, I want to have one book in the database then I want to copy its original properties with the script, and then...
  3. Richard John S

    Symphony Celestia: Prophecy of the Falling Stars (WIP)

    I'd like to announce a new series in my RPG Maker music packs, Symphony Celestia. The albums in this series are going to be quite different as compared to my other RPG Maker music packs. Symphony Celestia is a series that will consist of different stories told by symphonic and orchestrated music...
  4. Richard John S

    Emotional: Redemption (Released)

    RPG Maker Web store: Description: Emotional: Redemption is the fourth musical asset album in the Rpg Maker Emotional music pack series composed by Richard John S. Emotional: Redemption consists of compositions that reflect upon...
  5. Richard John S

    Music Pack Poll!

    Hey guys! For those who have purchased my music packs, which one do you feel you liked the most so far? Please note that Eternal Melodies is excluded from this poll because it was just released near the time of this poll.
  6. Richard John S

    Emotional 3: Tragic Love Music Pack (Released)

    RPG Maker store: Description: Emotional 3: Tragic Love is the third musical asset album in the Rpg Maker Emotional music pack series. The album consists of emotional based compositions including expressive solo string passages...
  7. Richard John S

    Apocalypse Music Pack (Released)

    RPG Maker store: Description: Creatures of utter horror and the darkest of nightmares! Apocalypse is an album composed by Richard John S that focuses on darkness and atmosphere. The compositions in this music pack will work well...
  8. Richard John S

    Richard's 3D Art

    I just wanted to share some of the 3D art that I create. I have been working with 3D art for about 4 years now, and I really enjoy it. I will share some of my art creations here from time to time. Below is an image of some 3D anime art I created of a character named Leelee who is about to cast...
  9. Richard John S

    Eternal Melodies Music Pack (Released)

    RPG Maker store: Description: Eternal Melodies is a JRPG themed musical asset album composed by Richard John S and is inspired by the music from games such as the YS series and Lagoon (SNES). Each composition has both fade out and...
  10. Richard John S

    Yanfly Item Durability and Yanfly Weapon Unleash Compatability

    When using the two scripts by Yanfly, Item Durability and Weapon Unleash, a weapon that has the unleash tag is not losing any durability after using it. All other weapons work fine. Is there a way to make item durability compatible with a weapon that uses the unleash tag so that it reduces the...
  11. Richard John S

    Build Houses and Material Requirements Similar to Ark

    I checked the script list, but all I could find is the decor plugin. I'm looking for something that will allow one to build houses in-game using a tileset (non-events) and material requirements similar to Ark: Survival Evolved. Features - Build houses (floors, walls, ceilings, etc) with...
  12. Richard John S

    War and Heroism Music Pack (Released)

    RPG Maker store: Description: War and Heroism is a music pack that reflects upon combat, bravery, and tragedy. The compositions in this album will work well in military or war based scenes. This includes scenes such as battle scenes...
  13. Richard John S

    Party/Enemy Party Shared Skill/Attack AP System

    I am looking for something that is similar to that of the Grand Knights History and Grand Kingdom series where attacks/skills use an AP (Action Points) system which is shared by the entire party including enemy parties sharing AP among themselves. Features: - Party and Enemy Parties share AP so...
  14. Richard John S

    Love and Sorrow Music Pack (Released)

    RPG Maker Store: Free Compositions: - Precious Love - I Just Want to Hold You in My Arms Again... Description: Love and Sorrow is an emotional music pack that reflects upon both love and sorrow based scenes. Whether it be two...
  15. Richard John S

    Tragedy and Drama Music Pack (Released)

    RPG Maker Store: Free Compositions: - Catastrophe Description: Tragedy and Drama is a music pack that was composed for tragic and dramatic based scenes. The compositions are meant to help give the player a more emotional experience when...
  16. Richard John S

    Emotional Music Pack (Released)

    RPG Maker Store: Free Compositions: - With War Comes Sorrow - Into the Unknown Description: Emotional is a musical asset album with a focus on emotional tracks for emotionally-charged scenes portraying emotions such as sorrow and...
  17. Richard John S

    Emotional II: Voices of Angels Music Pack (Released)

    RPG Maker store: Description: Emotional II: Voices of Angels is the next musical asset album in the Rpg Maker Emotional music pack series composed by Richard John S. Emotional II: Voices of Angels consists of emotional choir and...
  18. Richard John S

    Auto Set Equipment Price (+) with Parameters

    I'm looking for a script that will use the fixed set price in the equipment database, but will also add a set amount to the cost per point in a parameter. EX: Base price from database = 1000. Equipment has 10 atk and 10 def. So, it would be 1000 from base price + (10 atk * atk price value) + (10...
  19. Richard John S

    Mouse Click to Activate an Event and Disable Character

    I haven't seen this one yet. I am looking for a plugin that will allow you to instantly activate an event when clicking on it rather than waiting for the hero to the event. It would also be great if the plugin had the option to disable the character movement if needed as well. Key Requests: -...
  20. Richard John S

    Side-view Battle Auto Position and Resizing Scripts

    I think this would be very helpful for the side-view battle system. Rather than posting them as separates script requests I figured I would request them as a single bundle. I'm looking for a script that will auto adjust the enemies positions similar to what we've seen in the earlier RPG Makers...

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