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  1. KoriCongo

    YEP_X_AttachAugments -- Forcing Augments onto Weapons/Armors?

    Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to force attach augments onto weapons and armors using Yanfly's Attach Augment plugin. I was trying to make cursed augments that would negatively impact weapons and items, as I wasn't satisfied with just simply restricting equipment onto the player. I...
  2. KoriCongo

    Compatibility Patch for Yanfly's Ace Skill Menu & Yami's Skill Equip

    So I've been trying to use Yanfly's Ace Skill Menu with Yami's Skill Equip script with very little success. Just having the scripts alone causes Yanfly's ASM to overwrite Skill Equip, as Skill Equip relies on the default skill menu. And whenever I try doing it myself, I end up with errors...
  3. KoriCongo

    Hi Forum! My name is KoriCongo!

    Hi there! My name is KoriCongo. Weird name, huh. Anyway, I love games and I am working on a RPG. Or, at least, trying. Every time I have a good idea, it seems I just scrap it. Maybe with the forum's help, I could probably finish one! Oh well. :mellow: So then, lets begin.

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I worked a lot more today and I am thinking about Youtube videos to make to my channel, but I am still looking for some content :D

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Update... no scam calls all day. I think they learned their lesson. And I'm working on a fake anti-piracy video, featuring a fan game I'm making in MV. If I had the permission to make the game a licensed game that I could sell (rather than having it totally free like fan games are required to be), I'd use a really cool anti-piracy screen...
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Hey there fellow makers!

just looking for an excuse to post this, really... :kaoslp:

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