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  1. Skill formula doesn't work for enemy characters

    I was aware of every bit of information thanks to the informative thread we got here about formulas, however I didn't realize the float-to-integer issue. Thank you for opening my eyes, I'll have to rework the entire stat system from scratch with this in mind. The "hc" change will be put to the...
  2. Skill formula doesn't work for enemy characters

    Here is the logic, please feel free to point any mistakes: Instead of using the built in ex-parameter  "accuracy" system for the rpg maker vx ace, I tried to create my own based on tabletop gaming in the sense that there is a visible parameter that is a static number instead of a per cent value...
  3. Skill formula doesn't work for enemy characters

    This exact formula works for PCs but apparently doesn't work for "enemy" type characters: c = (1+rand(20)) + a.atk; if c> b.luk; c=(1+rand(1))+a.mat else c=0; end; c When a PC uses a skill with this particular formula, he has a chance to miss or hit first, then damage is calculated. When a...
  4. Skill formula doesn't work for enemy characters

    Thank you for catching that! I didn't even realize the typo. Anyway I tried the skill and it works exactly like it should work for playing characters, however enemies just miss. Here are the stats: Enemy MHP 8  MMP 0 Atk 12 Def 2 ATM 1 DFM 10 Agi 1 LUK 10   vs   PC MHP 12 MMP 0...
  5. Skill formula doesn't work for enemy characters

    (This "bug" was found using a modification to the basic combat system, using Yanfly battle system -> ) I'm having some trouble with sklls in general, when used by enemies. All skills I'm currently using are kinda like this: "Wasp Eye Kick" c = (1+rand(20))...
  6. Steam Version Questions

    Hello! I recently got it from steam as well. I'll try my best to answer all of your questions, "If I back up all my spritesheets, music, the game file itself etc, can I uninstall the game for a couple of months and then reinstall it to pick back up from where I left off?" Just confirmed this...
  7. Event System Support (expert users only)

    Changes made, it still didn't work. I'll upload it tomorrow! However I will also make a write up to guide you into this mess since all of my text is in portuguese and several things I'm doing like the position of some character portraits aren't final yet (Because we are still defining the...
  8. Event System Support (expert users only)

    Made said changes, still no picture.
  9. Event System Support (expert users only)

    I double checked the picture is showing inside the screen when I call it via an event. I've taking screenshots from all of my common events. Seriously this thing is the only thing stopping me from finishing the demo of my game, even the combat gave me less of a headache! EDIT: Added the...
  10. Event System Support (expert users only)

    So I need your guys help. Here is the score: I want to make a "Bar"/"Gauge" for a particular value - In this case, something to represent the standing of the player to a particular faction. The code here is simple: A conditional branch that checks a Variable. If it's at 1, it will display a...

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