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  1. autophagy

    Arty's Follower Vehicles v1.1

    Arty's Follower Vehicles v1.1 by Artyrambles Introduction This plugin allows you to define vehicle graphics for your followers! Whenever your player uses a vehicle, your followers will now also use their own - or "disappear", or use a default vehicle graphic you set up. Features - define...
  2. autophagy

    RMMV The Farlander (+Demo)

    SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS SETTING DOWNLOAD LINK Soo, please let me know what you think! I would like to get some feedback before I spend a lot of time going in the wrong direction. Cheers!
  3. autophagy

    Heal Over Time (on the map) Version 2.2.3 is up!

    Heal Over Time v2.2.3 by Arty FIXED A CRITICAL BUG INTRODUCED IN VERSION 2.2.1! Please redownload the plugin, as v2.2.3 fixes an important issue with persistent states! Introduction After googling for a while, I have come to the conclusion that there were no plugins that allow you to heal your...
  4. autophagy

    (Solved) How to differentiate characters that look the same?

    I posted this in the wrong thread at first (rip), so this is attempt #2! I'll just copy over what I wrote originally: To sum it up, I'm epically stuck with my project and need advice. I downloaded Galv's message plugin yesterday and excitedly added it to my project... No hear me out, this is...
  5. autophagy

    Hunger mechanics - interesting or tedious?

    Hey guys, I think a thread like this exists, but I couldn't find a recent one and I want to avoid necroposting and such, sooo here's my own thread. I want to talk about hunger mechanics in games and I'm curious what other people think. To explain what I'm thinking of: The player / the...
  6. autophagy

    Dynamically outlining your plot with Google Sheets

    (...or any software that does tables, basically. Also some general plotting advice.) Introduction I am a writer and I know the struggle of keeping your plot organized. There's tons of different software for it, some of it quite expensive, some free. There's also many different approaches and...
  7. autophagy

    Better late than never!

    Hey guys, I'm Arty! I've actually been a member of this forum for years already, but I never really got around joining the community. So since I started being kinda active recently, I thought I'd post a proper Hello! :kaohi: My first experience with the RPG Maker engines was loooong ago. (10+...
  8. autophagy

    Moving Event via script call problem

    Hello! I am trying to move an event (ID 18 in this case) via script call, and I'm trying to move it exactly three times. My code looks like this: var i = 3; while (i > 0) { $gameMap.event(18).moveRandom(); i--; } The event jumps around weirdly instead of moving properly when I...
  9. autophagy

    Post battle Common Events by Arty

    Post Battle Common Events v 1.0 by Arty Introduction I needed a plugin that runs common events after each battle, and making one for myself was faster than looking for one. So, here's a new plugin: This one runs Common Events after a) every battle (regardless of result), b...
  10. autophagy

    Highest Actor Level by Arty

    Highest Actor Level v.1.0 by Arty   Introduction I couldn't find a plugin that does this, so instead of eventing it, I decided to try and code something. The result is a little plugin that stores the highest level of the current party in a variable via plugin command. I figured that...
  11. autophagy

    Assigning Common Events with Action Button triggers to Followers

    Hello! This is the first time I am making a script request, and I hope I'm doing it right. I know a little bit of Ruby, but I cannot figure this out. I don't know if such a script exists, but I can't find it by searching. If you happen to know about one, please link me! What I envisioned is...
  12. autophagy

    Hime's class graphics: Undefined method error

    Hello! I am using Hime's class graphic script. Everything works fine so far, but I wanted to borrow a function. What I'm trying to do is, making the player able to leave party members behind and have an event turn into the party member. The event would need to change into the current form of...
  13. autophagy

    Change fixed equipment to not fixed

    Hello! I have a question and I cannot figure this out for some reason. I defined the equipment slots as locked for my actors in the database to prevent them from unequipping their stuff. However I want to make an event that lets them change their equipment again, which is why I would have to...
  14. autophagy

    Variables in Comment event command?

    Hello! It's me again, and I have another question. I was wondering if it's possible to make the interpreter read variables that I put into a comment in an event. I would want to make it look like this: Except that the "(variable)" part would hold an actual variable that should give its...
  15. autophagy

    Make piece of armor fixed once it's equipped?

    Hello! I have a question. I want to create a piece of armor that cannot be removed anymore once it has been equipped. Is this possible through the maker's built in functions and I'm just missing it or does anyone know a script that does this? Thanks in advance for the help!
  16. autophagy

    [Ace] Adding actor names to Galv's Party Select script?

    Hello! I am using Galv's Party Select script and it works like a charm, however I have encountered a problem. My actors all look pretty much the same, so it's difficult to tell who is who on the selection screen when you see just the face graphics. ): So now I am wondering if someone could...
  17. autophagy

    Get, compare, and store System Time

    Hello! Today, out of necessity, I had to try my hand at creating my very first Ruby script. It's only small, but I thought that some people who have no scripting knowledge might find it useful. I am pretty sure that it is bug free, since it's difficult to put many bugs into so few lines. I...
  18. autophagy

    Problem with tracking time when tabbing out of the game

    Hello! In my previous question thread I was trying to figure out a way to make another song play after the current one has reached its end. I am now using two variables: One that contains the current song's length in seconds. One that counts the seconds since the song has started. I also...
  19. autophagy

    Stopping BGM after it played once?

    Hello! I found the threads in this forum very helpful so far, but there's something I just can't seem to figure out, which is why I signed up. I have created a radio of sorts through common events with parallel process triggers, and it plays random songs from a list of available songs. (Aka a...

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