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  1. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Yanfly core + System options issue.

    So I'm using the Yanfly System options script where I have made my own switches and variables for certain things, but there's a particular one I can't get running and I need some help.  Inside the core script of Yanfly's there's a possibility to change the animation speed from default:15 to...
  2. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Disable menu input?

    Been looking around in the engine and on the forums for a way to disable the command of opening the menu screen (with the default hotkey). I have certain events in my game where the player will take part of events that have happened in another timeframe, and instead of showing it as a flashback...
  3. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Wait time for search increases when you switch pages.

    When you search for a specific topic and many options will be availavble to you (including more pages), and you go to the next page of the search, it will count as a new search? With this I mean that it will add time before you can search again, is this intended? I find it a bit weird that it...
  4. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Animated sprites problem

    So I have tried (yep tried is the right word) to make an animation sheet where a general puts on his helmet before a boss battle. The problem I have with this is first of all: When I put the move route inside the event: Speed: x2 slower Frequency: Lowest Turn Left wait 4 frames...
  5. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Interaction and splitting up parties!

    So thought I could get some opinions on two different mechanics that has been a real struggle to get right, and see what people would prefer. First I will start off with the interaction of the world, and obtaining items: Interactions and exploration #1 Icons and proximity: This is...
  6. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Cant manage my purchases.

    So I recently made a fresh install of windows on my computer and sadly some of my purchases from the RMW store wasnt uploaded to my dropbox.  Thing is that when I try to download my purchases from the site (Manage purchases) I end up with the following message: Not Found The requested...
  7. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Yanfly scripts - Custom system settings.

    Hi ladies and gents! So, I have some questions regarding some of Yanfly's scripts. I will put a link to all the scripts further down below in case you need reference. I need some help regarding if It's possible to call some script calls in order to change the functions of various settings...
  8. Dark_Metamorphosis

    DoT and HoT effects.

    So currently working on implementing a mechanic in my game that hopefully will spice up the battles a little bit. A Mechanic where you can use gadgets to combine spells or make them have new features: Example:  You soak the enemy with water, opening up the ability to electrify them with...
  9. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Ace Status Menu - Change how Nickname works.

    So I'm using Yanfly's script -  Status menu, that includes a biography for the actors. The regular nickname input is: "%s the %s" set in a fashion that would go well with Eric, The Silver Reaper for instance. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to set the nickname in a different fashion...
  10. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Yanfly - JP Manager script - Help.

    So got most of everything ready for my game, but I hit a roadbump since I can't get this script to distribute JP points. The script is using notetags, like many other script I'm using so shouldn't be a problem at all, but they just won't work and I can't understand why. So in order to set the...
  11. Dark_Metamorphosis

    TDS Skip cutscene - Issues.

    Does anyone know TDS in person, or know if you can get a hold on him? I saw in an older post that the script had been updated to version 2.0 with a lot of fixes, but I have still found a crucial error in the script that fully neglect its usefulness. I might be in the wrong here (since the...
  12. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Anyone that knows a good free video-editing program?

    So anyone that can give me a tip on a good and free video editing program? I used to work with Sony vegas 11 but it seems like I have no license for it anymore. So anyone that can hint me towards something?
  13. Dark_Metamorphosis

    World map on input trigger?

    So I have tried and make this work for a while now, and I'm not really sure why I can't get it to run. So I have made a world map a long with a world map cursor that the player is supposed to be able to open and close by a key input when they are on the world map. The image displayed will show...
  14. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Double resume error from paralell common event?

    So I'm experiencing something very weird from a common event that I try to run, thing is that it works without any issues if I call it from an auto run, the skill window appears like it should and I can choose spells. But if I change it to parallel (to prevent the screen from freezing ofc) I get...
  15. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Yanfly event skill + overworld abilities.

    Hi! So I'm trying to combine this script to work with different events at specific locations, but I'm a bit unsure on how I could implement it in the best possible way. Before I start the source of the script can be found here: So what I plan to use this script for is to have the menu pop up...
  16. Dark_Metamorphosis

    What to do when a underaged girl keeps msging?

    Maybe not my proudest post, and maybe a bit misplaced but I don't know where else I could ask... So, what to do if an underaged girl keeps msging you with inappropriate msgs?... Just let it be, or do something about it? I have tried to explain to her but she keeps msging me. Any thoughts...
  17. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Mute character? Yay or nay?

    Would love to hear what your thoughts are upon a character that starts off as mute (due to circumstances in the game) but slowly opens up, mainly because of the trust and comfort that she recieves from one of my other characters. Is this going out on deep water?, and do you think that something...
  18. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Equipment fused with spells.

    So I've tried some different mechanics when playing around with the quipment progression for my game and realized that my current systems comes with some flaws. My inital idea was to have a smithing system that would work well with my sidequests and also include specific smithing quests that...
  19. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Script using overworld spells?

    So I've been looking around quite a bit in trying to find a script where you can select spells on the overworld in order to use them to interact with objects in the world, but I havn't really been able to find anything that works with what I have in mind.  I know that Galv has a script that...
  20. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Slash and hit animations?

    Hi! So I have found a lot of neat animations that I tend to use over here: However, I have a pretty rought time with finding slash and hit animations (there's very few in that package). So my question is, does anyone know where I can find some cool slash and hit animations for various types of...

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