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  1. Iqus

    cc_random_encounters (MV+MZ)

    Your plugin seems to disable preventive and surprise attack battles since it probably is skipping BattleManager.onEncounter(). Yoy might want to look into that. Since you're triggering the battle through an event command, I'd suggest adding it into the code run by the command, like this: //...
  2. Iqus

    Throw Command

    Hey Fomar! Big fan of your plugins and In search of Immortality! This is a great plugin, I'm playing a bit with it atm. I have a little addon suggestion that might make some weapons even more spicy. Just changing line 132 to if (!$dataWeapons[this._lastThrow].meta.boomerang)...
  3. Iqus

    Invictor's: Where Was I? - Player marker

    I was supposed to upload this plugin a couple of weeks ago but kept procrastinating about it. Anyway, here's my newest plugin: Invictor's: Where Was I? Introduction: Remember in FF7 (the original) where you could check access points and enable a marker to point at your character? Isn't it...
  4. Iqus

    Animated Faces (MZ Version)

    Yeah I tested it and now the face stops "talking" when there's a pause, but it no longer blinks :P
  5. Iqus

    Animated Faces (MZ Version)

    Got an error with your newer version: rmmz_managers.js:2030 TypeError: this.pause is not a function at MessageWinNew.Window_Message.updateFaceAnimation (LvMZ_AnimatedFaces.js:255) at Scene_Map.update (LvMZ_AnimatedFaces.js:232) at Function.SceneManager.updateScene...
  6. Iqus

    Animated Faces (MZ Version)

    When testing escape characters that pause the text, like \!, \. or \|, the face remains animated. Would be nice to "pause" the talking animation when these are used.
  7. Iqus

    Galv's Message Styles MZ

    Fantastic job Galv, like always! Definitely using this!
  8. Iqus

    rpg_el's PositionalSound.js

    Have you considered making it so the source of the sound is a region instead of an event? Otherwise making a river sound the closer you get might require an insane amount of events.
  9. Iqus

    MV/MZ - INV TrackTroop - Change battle music depending on troopID

    Do you want your boss battles to use a different Background Music without having to use event commands? Are you planning on having riddle enemies that would use a different, more mysterious music track? This plugin allows you to specify different tracks for different enemy troop IDs. You can...
  10. Iqus

    Disappointed. Without the community, RPG Maker is nothing.

    You're actually seeing it the wrong way. Rpg maker has always been about giving you flour to make whatever you want with it. VisuStella is giving you cookies, but maybe you wanted to use the flour to make pasta. But no, VisuStella gives you cookies. Modifying code is not about copying it for...
  11. Iqus

    GL_Fog version 1.1.0

    Hello Chaucer, really nice plugin! I'm having some strange effects, however, where the fog seems to disconnect in a rectangular way in some places: I thought, maybe it's my resolution (1088x612), or maybe one of my plugins is caunsing interference but...: Tried on a freshlymade project...
  12. Iqus

    Suikoden Like Weapon Upgrade

    In fact, weapons changed their name in Suikoden after level X. That could be a nice feature too.
  13. Iqus

    LGP - Better Damage Popup

    Any way to deactivate state popups?
  14. Iqus

    Highly customizable sorting plugin

    Great plugin! It seems to me that it would be easier to access the sorting types from the Item menu instead of having to enter the options menu every time though. Just a thought! Great work!
  15. Iqus

    Icon Captions

    Salut! Excellent plugin! And great addition, now with conditions! One question though, are conditions compulsory? I was using your previous version and I downloaded the new one, copy-pasting all the icon captions and now they do not appear. I don't know if it's a compatibility issue arisen with...
  16. Iqus

    Olivia Switching to Paid Plugins

    Can you imagine having someone saying this?: "hey, your horror theme doesn't work with my haunted house bgs/vibe/tilesets. Your theme is broken." Because that happens all the time with scripters.
  17. Iqus

    Olivia Switching to Paid Plugins

    It is because of users that fail to appreciate what programmers such as Yanfly or Olivia are doing that things like this happen. How many more SRDudes, Himes or Galvs do we have to lose until people cease this selfish behaviour?
  18. Iqus

    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    If you read the help file for Buff & State core...
  19. Iqus

    Making passives with 2 of Yanfly's States Plugins

    Passive 1: Just create a Custom Confirm Effect and in it create a variable, let's call it user._totaldebuff. Have a conditional for each state, if the target has X state or debuff, variable += 1. Then, on a Custom Regenerate Effect have the MP rate you want be multiplied by this variable...
  20. Iqus

    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    Hi Ramza, me again! =) I was trying to make something different based on the Mending state. The idea is having a Regenerative state that jumps into another ally when the affected has full HP, and if possible, make it jump to the ally with the lowest HP rate. Do you think it possible? Thanks...

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