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  1. Muk adel heid

    Frontview Animations on Top of faces/windows

    I'm trying to make a very specific battle screen using the RMMV front view battle system. The main problem that I had was trying to play animations when players are being attacked I did solve that by adding Yep_BattleStatusWindow (plugin) who allows you to show animations for those attacks...
  2. Muk adel heid

    i could not find Priority or z Axis of battle animations

    Im trying to show the animations over the battlestatus windows. Sadly i dont know how to do it. Here is how it looks when an animation is showed. i could not find where the "priority" or "Z axis" is. im using "Yep_BattleEngineCore" to show animations in a front view battle.
  3. Muk adel heid

    plugin or snippet to put vertical battlestatus icons

    Hello, I´m wondering if there is any plugin or snippet to change the composition of icons in the battle status window. What i have : What i want : Just the icons. I want to have 2 vertical "scrollable" icons. Thank you in advance.
  4. Muk adel heid

    Hello .

    Hello .   I'm Mukadelheid ( my nickname obviously.)   I hope stay a large time across this community and learn too many.     I'm an advanced user of Rpg maker Vx Ace.   Greetings  :rock-left:   (so pro smileys!.)

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