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  1. Matchitza

    Looking for a boss theme..

    Resource Type: Music/Theme Description: Hey! I'm currently at loss when i couldn't find a boss theme that matches a certain boss in my game. I want it to sound like the theme called "The Eidolons Shackled" from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. I'm using the theme everytime the party fights...
  2. Matchitza

    [SOLVED] APPCrash error message. RPG Marker MV won't pass the splash screen

    Hey judging by your title, i see you have updated your drivers. I'm pretty sure this is a common error, there's a fix on the linked thread! Try following the instructions there and try launching MV again. It worked for me, so it might work for you too!
  3. Matchitza

    Good luck!

    Good luck!
  4. Matchitza

    Skill that does more damage when more hp is missing

    Ah, thank you! I will try this.  EDIT: I misunderstood about the armor ignoring part, haha. EDIT2: It works!
  5. Matchitza

    Skill that does more damage when more hp is missing

    Hey guys, i've been trying to figure out how to make a skill similar to Minus Strike from Bravely Default/Second. So this skill basically does more damage the more HP you're missing (doesn't ignore armor), i know this can be done with formulas but i'm not really good at those. Can anyone...
  6. Matchitza

    Ouch, that's gonna hurt a bit.

    Ouch, that's gonna hurt a bit.
  7. Matchitza

    RPG Maker MV Freezing

    You can just keep MV on the firewall's trusted applications list, i don't think anymore problems would happen.
  8. Matchitza

    Earth's Final Hope

    Here is what i managed to do so far, and a few news: -2 Scripted battles (the 1st is a battle that is meant to be lost, the 2nd is a battle that the player must survive to get Natalie on his/her team) -Prologue chapter is almost finished, i just need to make a few more cutscenes -Gab...
  9. Matchitza

    Earth's Final Hope

    Earth's Final Hope     Hey there, guys! I used to developed Erudacia, which i gave up on. Now i'm gonna make a post apocalyptic game because i am greatly inspired by Fallout 4 and the Fire Emblem series. Yes i will be developing the game when i have free time. Here we go. Synopsis...
  10. Matchitza

    Having a problem with animated battles

    EDIT 2: You might need Yanfly's Core Engine plugin because it is needed for the majority of Yanfly's plugins. And PS, none of your events, states, and skills are causing this problem. 
  11. Matchitza

    Fire Emblem Style Double Attacks

    Do you mean if an actor has higher Speed you will be able to attack twice? (because in fire emblem speed determines if you double attack or not, fix me if im wrong about this) You might need a plugin for that, because i don't really think it is possible to make FE styled double attack without...
  12. Matchitza

    I'm developing a game but haven't decided a title yet, GG

    I'm developing a game but haven't decided a title yet, GG
  13. Matchitza

    RPG Maker User Survey

    Filled in everything right on my opinion
  14. Matchitza

    Playback & Compatibility of .ogg Audio

    i don't really think it needs a codec, because the audio is playing from the game. But i guess someone has better answers than mine, because some users might get audio stuttering on their end.
  15. Matchitza

    Text questions

    Do you mean that you can't control your character, or does your character not move when the event happens? If your character doesn't move when your event happens, then you might have moved the wrong event or made a little mistake.
  16. Matchitza

    How do i add custom sprites in Rpg Maker VX Ace?

    You can look to Grandmadeb's list or you can just check out the Resources subforum.
  17. Matchitza

    Large Sprites

    You can add "$" (w/o quotation mark) to the sprite's filename to make it fit inside RMVXA.
  18. Matchitza

    Has anyone else had this error when downloading graphics

    Your antivirus is the problem, just disable the antivirus whenever you download resources/graphics from a website. And, not all anivirus are trusted. Some of them give you fake errors just to frustrate you. EDIT: Even if anyone downloads a battler from that website, they will not get your...
  19. Matchitza

    Battleback error

    I've had these errors before, the error pops out because the file of the battleback needed might not be in your project's folder.  You need to find the file in order to fix it, or just change the battleback with another one.
  20. Matchitza

    How do I get my skills to show up in the game?

    If your skill appears in the battle then i don't think your game is corrupted. It's just like what @Andar said; a plugin might be the cause to your problems. Try backing up your plugins then deleting all of it and see if it's solved.

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