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  1. mobychan

    MSS Text SE

    Text SE - V1.0 Last Update: 2012.07.23 Updates: N/A Script Description: This Script plays a SE you define in the module at the top every x letters. These settings can be made in a module: SE File Name Pitch Range Volume Interval(x) List of methods: Compatible Scripts: Should...
  2. mobychan

    MSS - Correct Sprite Display

    Correct Sprite Display - V1.0 Last Update: 2012.06.26 Updates: 2012.06.26: Update to V1.0: Script made Script Description: This script corrects how sprites will be displayed, to prevent errors happening when the sprite is higher than 32px and the tile above it is set to star...
  3. mobychan

    Messed up tile display with Events higher than 32px

    Didn't find anything about this, did anybody notice this before? If you have an event with a sprite that's bigger than a tile (32px) and walk directly below a tile set to star passability the top is cut off. this might not be that bad for the usual player sprites, but if the sprite gets even...

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