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  1. ZackyStardust

    Hello, devs and enthusiasts!

    Hi, boys and gals! I'm Zacky, and I'm a graphic designer, writer and comic artist from Brazil. It's nice to meet you! I've been playing with RPG Maker since RPG Maker 2003, I think, that I found on a CD magazine my friend's dad had. I LOVE games and it's been my passion since forever studying...
  2. ZackyStardust

    [Help] "Super Mario RPG press button on time" battle system

    Hiya! I'm very fine working with RPG Maker, however, programming is DEFINITELY not my forte. I have studied a few of C++, tho. Anyway, I'm creating a battle system where, when an enemy attacks you, if you hit the action button on the trigger/right time (the "right time" might be when the SFX...

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