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  1. lemons


    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Description: I would like to request a general-nothing-in-particular-looking motorcycle; from the side would be the most important, from other angles would be appreciated but not necessarily required. However, it's important that it would look...
  2. lemons

    Adding a variable to the status screen.

    Hello, In my game, each time someone levels up, they gain a skill point (a variable), and I need a way to show this in-game somehow, preferably on the status screen. I'm aware Yanfly has Status Core/ Actor Variable plugins, but it would require that I create an entire new page just to show one...
  3. lemons

    Limited usage of a weapon

    I was wondering how one would go about making it so that a weapon could only be used in battle a couple of times? For example, you aquire the weapon, you use it as many times as you wish during one battle, then a second battle, and then a third- but after the third, the weapon disappears, as if...

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