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  1. nightdragon

    Parallax Issue

    How do I fix this? This never happened before. I made a 77 x 33 image all parallaxed. When I placed the player start and test play, the character is not in the same location. I know you put a ! in front of the file name for rpgmaker MV. That doesn't work for Ace.
  2. nightdragon

    battle camera for front view battle system

    I'm looking for a battle camera pluggin that's compatible for a front view battle system. where you can change the camera position/view/ or zoom battlers. Thanks
  3. nightdragon

    Ability System

    Andar's, Hime's, and Evgenij's script converted to JS would be nice.
  4. nightdragon

    Interactive System Plugin

    I would like an Interactive Plugin similar to Falcao's script with commands for jump, pickup, throw, smash, and push. This would be nice if someone can do this, Thanks.  :)
  5. nightdragon

    HUD-Hp and Inventory/Interactive System

    I would like to have a HUD that would display HP on the map, an Inventory of items that uses icons and would disappear after you use, and an interactive system similar to Falcao's script   that includes "jump", "pickup"...
  6. nightdragon

    Back Tracking

    what is everyone's opinion on back tracking? If I need to include back tracking how much is too much? And how would I implament it into my game?
  7. nightdragon

    corrupt file

    Is there a way to fix a corrupted game file without having to make a new file? The plug to my computer was knocked out and now I can't open my file. It says unexpected file format error.
  8. nightdragon

    Changing the Pearl Skill Bar

    Does anyone know how to change the skill bar in the Pearl ABS? I would like to have eight keys instead of nine. I have an eight key layout but the script automatically draws nine keys and I don't know how to modify it. Also, I would like the skill bar drawn vertically instead of horizontal...
  9. nightdragon


    Has anyone purchase the Spriter program and can it be used in rpg maker?
  10. nightdragon

    Ability System

    Since this script comes with a skill/ability list menu I would like to delete the other default skill menu. What part of script do I delete?
  11. nightdragon

    Pearl ABS

    Is any one else using Falcao's ABS get this when I attack and use my shield it doesn't use up MP. But when I use skills and MP runs out I can't use my weapon or shield?
  12. nightdragon

    Baby/Children character sets

    I'm looking for any babies and children character sets. Doesn't matter their clothing hair style etc. Anything will do. I have the DS versions but I need more.
  13. nightdragon

    Character Set request for rpgmaker vx ace

    I would like if anyone can make the 4 direction, 12 characters from the big moster charater set of the RTP similar to the other monster charaters sets RTP for an ABS battle system. The blue creature of the bigmonster1, the dragon, and the red monster from the bigmonster2 would be awesome. 
  14. nightdragon

    Ability System help

    Hi,  I was trying to use Hime's Shop Manager script, and Eugene22 Ability Script, engl.txt . I got the shop to show up and you can purchase skills. But when I go through the menu screen directly it gives me...
  15. nightdragon

    Buy and Sell skill shops

     I see there are a few scripts that you can Learn/Buy skills through skill shops like  Hime skill shop    But are there any scripts that in which you can sell/unlearn skills at skill shops? I would like the player to chose what skills they want to...
  16. nightdragon

    Sapphire Action System help

    I am trying to configure the enemys death. Im using Khas's Sapphire Action System. I would like the player to kill the enemies. Then when you exit and enter the map the enemy respawns. I have two graphics for the monster. However I'm having...
  17. nightdragon

    script help

    Hi I'm using Yanfly's Learn skill and JP manager scripts. I manged to show the jp in the status screen and put all the note tags in but it does not add to the total jp. what am I missing?
  18. nightdragon

    fantasy scripts request

    Hi, where can I find scripts to use for the high fantasy add-ons like side view and animated battlers and animations?

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