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  1. jonthefox

    combat design that lets the player "gamble" if they wish?

    What do you think of combat design where there is a surefire option/path to success, but which allows the player the option of being greedy with resources and taking risks? Here's a very oversimplified example to illustrate what I mean: let's say the player has one character in the party, and...
  2. jonthefox

    on challenge, decisions, and consequences

    i forget who said that "a game is a series of interesting choices." in a turn-based jrpg, the player must make a series of choices in order to progress through each encounter in a dungeon. so, what happens when the player does not choose optimally? what happens when the player makes decisions...
  3. jonthefox

    How do you organize music for game development?

    So I've realized that over the years, I've purchased many music packs and also downloaded a large library of free-to-use music. This is on top of the RTP tracks for all of the engines which I own. Choosing music tracks is now incredibly overwhelming - there is so much to sort through. I...
  4. jonthefox

    using placeholder names vs. planning everything out first?

    In general, do you think it's better to create your game with placeholders for names of characters, towns, etc., since a lot may change throughout the development process and it is a waste of time to commit to every detail early on? Or, are you just creating a lot of extra work for yourself to...
  5. jonthefox

    Are status effects that last the whole battle too powerful to make 100% chance to inflict?

    Let's say you're designing a status effect (for example, some type of poison or bleed) that lasts the duration of battle (unless cured by an item or spell), and which lowers all stats on the target by 25%. In your opinion, is it too powerful to make a skill or spell that inflicts this kind...
  6. jonthefox

    how to make autotiles work more flexibly on the world map?

    I would like the forest, hill, and mountain autotiles to function the same way on the worldmap that other autotiles function in other types (exterior, interior, dungeon) of maps. What I mean default, they correctly paint over the light grass A2 tile, but if I use one of the darker...
  7. jonthefox

    adding agi or luk scaling to potions used in battle

    Here's an idea I just thought of. I tend to make healing potions as something that, if you have a bunch of them, they can be used outside of battle to heal you up in lieu of cure spells. I also don't mind having strong healing potions which are either rare or expensive, which can be powerfully...
  8. jonthefox

    [MV] Actor 1-3 Face/Mouth Edit

    For Actor 1-3 (the warrior with the spikey orange hair), his default facial expression has a grinning smile. I'd like his mouth to be changed so that he has a neutral serious expression, which I feel better matches the look of his sprite and the type of class I imagine him to be. Thanks in...
  9. jonthefox

    Quick and easy way to tell if a music file is looped?

    -edit- I'm so stupid. I just realized that I can just open the music file, go to the very end of it, and see if it "ends' in a way that will seamlessly transition to the beginning. I'm not sure if there's a more efficient method I can use, but this seems pretty reasonable to do. Hey all, So...
  10. jonthefox

    Giving the player optional Risk and Reward

    Here's a question. First, obviously it would be unfair and unfun to present the player with a risky situation when they are unprepared or uninformed. So, for the purpose of this discussion, let's assume that the player has been given sufficient warning and clarity that the situation - whether...
  11. jonthefox

    How much can you suspend your disbelief for a jRPG's story?

    Title. When you play a jRPG, how much are you willing to suspend your disbelief, and what are the determining factors for that? I'm talking about things in the story that you'd either say "Wow, cool!" (and happily overlook any realism issues) vs. "Wait...this doesn't really make sense."...
  12. jonthefox

    Worldbuilding and Lore Discussion: Dragons

    Something I'm curious about. In your game world, what is the context for Dragons? Specificially.... -What is their origin? Are Dragons immortal creatures, or at least pre-dating other sentient life? Or were they created somehow through magic? Or, did they evolve naturally just like other...
  13. jonthefox

    When you have stronger versions of the same status effect

    How do you design these so that there is clarity for the player? What I mean is, say for example there's a serpent enemy who can inflict the paralyze state, which makes the target not able to move or act for 2 turns. Now say later on in the game there's a mindflayer, who is able to inflict...
  14. jonthefox

    town mapping discussion: homogeneous vs. heterogeneous roof colors

    I'd like to hear opinions on town mapping design with respect to the color of the roofs of buildings. Option 1: Each town is made distinct by its roof color and style. So, first town in the game has orange roofs. Second town has blue roofs. Third town has brown roofs. etc. Option 2: Same...
  15. jonthefox

    Having weapons affect the damage formula?

    Is there a way to make specific weapons affect the damage formula? What I mean is, let's say the default attack damage formula is 4*atk - 2.def. Now, I want to make it where if you equip a specific weapon, it ignores 25% of defense (so in practical terms, it would be 4*atk - (2*def * 0.75)...
  16. jonthefox

    non-character flashbacks without breaking immersion?

    If you want to give flashbacks on the backstory of the villain or the story...ones that the party characters were NOT witness to (so you can't just naturally have a character retell or recall a memory)....How do you do this in a natural way, without it feeling forced or immersion-breaking...
  17. jonthefox

    Yanfly Critical Control question

    There's a field that says "Flat Critical Formula" and by default it has some formula that seems to add a bonus based on the user's luk and the target's luk. If I were to remove the default formula, and instead put this: value += target.maxhp * 0.1 Would this make it so that on a critical...
  18. jonthefox

    to use doodads or not to use doodads

    doodads are a great way to add in much-needed recolors and edits (especially for things like windows, beds, furniture etc.) without clogging up your tilesheets. However, it bothers me that they're not shown in the editor - I find it difficult to work on a project without seeing the completed...
  19. jonthefox

    the heroes of the story: by destiny or by chance?

    When crafting your story (or even just when appreciating another game's story), do you have a preference over the basis of how the main character(s) become heroes of the story? What I mean is - for a protagonist to become powerful and brave enough to risk one's life and defeat the big bad and...
  20. jonthefox

    using gimp filters to make vx sprites into 8-bit style?

    Hi all, I don't know if there is a clean way to do this, but I'm wondering if those with more graphic skill and knowledge could answer for me or anyone else who thought of this. I personally enjoy working with retro tilesets in the 8 bit style (similar to early dragonquest or final fantasy...

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